Google+ Dabbling

Google+ Dabbling

Google Dabbling

If you haven’t heard about Google+ (or G+) yet, then you may not live in social media “shiny object land.” That’s okay. Enough of us have been dabbling in the G+ field for awhile now that we can bring you up to speed. Here is our personal take on what Google+ is all about, and why it matters to the average user. (Remember, if you have a social media manager already, then they should be on top of this for you!)

In our humble opinion, Google+ is like a hybrid of LinkedIn meets Facebook meets YouTube. Here’s what we mean. Google+ lets you connect with others very easily by just “finding them” (like YouTube) and there’s not a wait for their approval/confirmation time period (like Facebook).  However, the majority of the content so far on G+ is a bit more “professional” in nature (like LinkedIn), which may or may not prove to be a permanent feature as more and more non-techies get into G+. Like Facebook’s “Info” section, though, you can get to know a person, what they stand for, what they like, etc. by seeing their profiles before you connect with them, which on Google+ is called putting them into a circle. But unlike Facebook, you can see everything that they have publically posted before you do, which allows you to determine whether or not the number and type of posts they share “suits” you.

But here’s where the average user can really benefit from Google+. By adding people to your circles, whether or not you know them, it allows you to get a very broad picture of what’s going on in any particular field and you can jump into the conversation at any point. That is one thing that seems to be radically different than any of the other platforms thus far. More conversation between strangers-soon-to-be-connections is happening on Google+, and that’s why a lot of social media users are beginning to swing towards G+. Conversation is a good thing; it’s a profitable thing in many ways. And if someone shares something highly meaningful to you in a conversation on a G+ post, you can immediately add them to your circles, no waiting, to get to know them more fully and engage in new conversations.

There are some other very interesting features to Google+ like the Hang Outs feature, which lets you have video conversations a la the Jetsons with multiple participants in different places all at the same time. But remember, we opened by saying that many of us have been “dabbling” in this new world. The entire Google+ system is still in beta mode, which means that new uses and methods are being developed regularly, so if you want to G+ now, hold off on making any negative judgments just yet, because even the designers are still dabbling…

(If you’re not on yet, and curious about Google+, email us and we can give you an invitation to join in, but you have to promise to +1 (Like) all of the life-changing tips and info we share, because of course, we will! )

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