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Blogs for Business

Blogging For Business

On first glance, you might think this post is going to be about how you can market your business with a blog. You can. But it’s not. There are lots of blogs and articles about how to do that, and I may even write some of them from time to time. But no, this blog is about why I blog as part of doing business. There are several reasons, and each is worth exploring for yourself and your own business.

1. Stay Fresh – First of all, writing a blog or two every week forces me to stay focused on outside trends, shifts, conversations, and “the market” as it can be seen from my industry’s focal point. If I’m going to write a meaningful blog every week, I’d better be writing about things that are current. To do that, I must know what’s going on in the “outside” world. To know what those things are, I have to be reading up on trends, changes, strategies, etc. That keeps me fresh and focused on forward movement in my industry. It stimulates creative problem solving and new ideas. It’s like regular “continuing education” to stay fresh and relevant.

2. Focus on Others – Secondly, blog writing keeps my eyes on my “audience” and their needs. Not only do I need to know what is going on in my industry-at-large, but I also need to understand fully where my clients and readers are in that understanding. For instance, I recently posted a blog on how to update an iPhone or iPad to the new operating system. While that’s a bit out of my “social media” niche, it was a question I was being asked by those who follow along in one way or another. Meeting my clients and readers needs is important to me, so I look for ways to share relevant information with them when I can, regardless of whether or not they pay me for my services. Helping others is good business, too!

3. Keep it Reproducible – Thirdly, writing a blog forces me to articulate what I know. It pares things down to the essential – the necessary – the meaningful. I cannot do everything to help others, but I can do something. Likewise, if I can share helpful information for others who also cannot do everything, perhaps they, too, will be more likely to do something. Call me simplistic, but I think when businesses in general are performing better, then everyone wins.

4. Growing Business – And lastly, there’s the part about growing my own business. That’s a topic for another post, but notice the overlap in the diagram. Blogging for business affects all other areas of my business growth potential.

Blog or article writing for business takes time and commitment. There’s the time reading and researching, the time writing and editing, the posting time, the time to respond to comments, etc. All of these factors keep me more engaged with my own business, as well as my clients and readers, too, and that’s a great way to do business!

How could starting a business blog impact your commitment to your own company?

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