Google+ Opens for Business

Google+ Opens for Business

Well, you knew it had to happen eventually! Google+ has now allowed business owners to create a business page on Google+. Did they wait too long, though?

In a nutshell, setting up your Google+ business page is very simple to do. It takes only a couple of minutes to complete the whole thing, assuming you have your photos ready to go and your business information handy. Fancier pages will come, I feel sure of that, but for now, you can get the job done in under five minutes.

However, some might suggest that the “glamour” is missing. The pages are pretty simple to set up, which means that for now, they’re also pretty simple in design. With no “gloss” to spice up the page, and a lot less enthusiasm for Google+ now (as compared to months ago), some of the passion for doing this is missing. I set up my business page and realized immediately, “Well…there’s not a lot of people here to circle with.” One of my connections started a Hangout, a Google online meeting, but by the time I could find my camera to join in, the Hangout had stopped because no one else was there.

I realize that you can’t expect a complete flood of people to join in when Google themselves didn’t do a lot of pre-release announcing. But it does somewhat defeat the purpose if no one is there to connect with. I even saw one of the few business pages on Google+ post this statement, “I wonder if I’ll ever use this site.” However, like I’ve said all along, I refuse to count Google out yet. Sometimes in the waiting, a lot of the bugs can get worked out. Steve Jobs was not the first one to develop a portable music player and Mark Zuckerberg was not the first to develop a social media platform. They came in late to the game, and in the same way, I haven’t ruled out G+ yet, nor should you. Some of the features are slick on the new business pages. For instance, the ease of switching back and forth between my personal profile and my business profile is very, very user-friendly.

If you’re on G+, for business or personal use, let us know! We can ride the wave of new options together!

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