What’s App-ening?

What’s App-ening?

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Business marketers beware…The Facebook game has changed with Timeline for Pages, and it’s all about the app!

Wait, back up, it’s all about the placement of the app.

No wait, it’s all about the purpose of the app.

Scratch that, it’s all about the place the app takes the visitor.

Hold on – Let’s start over…

Do you have a Facebook strategy? Is there a reason you’re using Facebook for business? Start there. Why you are using Facebook for your business is even more important now. Are you creating community? Sharing ideas? Trying to make money? Handling customer service? Building a brand? Those are not all necessarily the same thing, and please be mindful of that. All of those things can be done, but with the change to Timeline, you need to fully understand your purpose and your goals before you can move on, and everything on your page needs to be supportive of that goal.

Once you have clearly defined those goals, you can design your pretty cover photo, but it’s not about the photo. It’s about creating an atmosphere with that photo, and you have fractions of a second to do it. You have to hit the psyche of your visitors with a clear sense of what you do or who you are, and you should create a mood for them all in the first blink of an eye on your page. After that, though, it’s time to design your apps.

The apps, previously called tabs, are the boxes that sit to the right of your page’s name and “About” section. These will be where you focus your visitor’s secondary attention, and to do that well, you need to define where you want your visitors to go. For instance, maybe your most powerful tool is your email list that you send out to special customers with special offers. If so, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve added an email capture app to your Timeline. Or, maybe you have a thriving YouTube channel. Create an app for that. Maybe you like to have conversations on Facebook, but you’d rather drive visitors to a “squeeze page” with unique promotions. Design an app for that. Why you are using Facebook matters!

Then, take the time to brand your apps or think strategically about the color, placement, blending, and order of your apps on that top row. (Photos are fixed as the first box, but you have 3 that you can rearrange to be on the top row, and up to 12 apps total.) Draw the visitor’s eye to those apps that are the most prominent for you. Create custom images or pictures that reinforce your brand, your purpose, and your content.

Once these steps are done, consider how these apps can be incorporated into a “Like” strategy or an Ad campaign. Yes, you can send folks to one of your apps when they click on a Facebook ad. Or, you can use the app’s URL as a link on your website, and while the Cover Photo cannot have a call-to-action, apps can! Think creatively about getting visitors to the apps that serve your purposes most efficiently.

So, folks, what’s app-ening on your Facebook page?

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