Have You Swallowed the Social Media Happy Pill?

Have You Swallowed the Social Media Happy Pill?

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There are no quick fixes with social media marketing. There are no secret formulas or magic pills that will make it so. Ignore the rumors or the scams, and know this…Social media marketing takes time and energy. So, before you launch a social media campaign, or create a lot of pretty pages and profiles, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I certain of my goals for social media?
  2. Are my goals possible with social media?
  3. Do I have the staff to implement the daily attention to these goals?
  4. Do I have a process for interactions across social media channels?
  5. How will I maintain a single identity in voice and tone?

These are the starting questions that are highly relevant to any social media strategy. How you respond to them will determine which social media channels you use – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, etc. – and how you develop a posting strategy. They will guide you through the process of creating an online brand and reputation. And they will allow you to be consistent over time and attentive to customers and clients.

For instance, my goal for Polka Dot Impressions on Facebook is different from my goal on Twitter. I have adapted my expectations to fit the platform and the types of things that work on each one. What I post about varies because the platforms are different, but I post to each platform, every day. However, I have a policy (in flow chart form) on how comments are handled and responded to so that my tone is consistent across the platforms when I interact. My “voice” remains the same and my process is consistent. All that I have to change is the type of content I originally post – according to the goals for each platform.

Do you have these questions answered for your business? Don’t expect an overnight success story. Do your work to develop a voice, a tone, a purpose, and a consistent process. Then, attack your goals daily, and allow time for them to create the brand and reputation you are seeking.

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