Friday Flick – Measuring Social Media

Friday Flick – Measuring Social Media

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Have you ever wondered what social media managers and social media marketers are being told about measuring ROI or social media? Today’s Friday Flick is a quick “take-away” from a meeting I attended this morning where folks and businesses just like Polka Dot Impressions were there to talk “measuring.” For the purposes of our discussion, we defined ROI as “Revenue – Costs = ROI” and the bottom line is that it varies for each business. How you measure ROI depends on whether or not you are monitoring AND measuring the things you’re doing in social media in the first place. And let’s not forget that goals are involved. You have to have some goals for your social media marketing.

After you’ve viewed this video, let us know if you have questions about getting started with effective monitoring, goal setting, or measuring!


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