Top 3 Things I Love About Blogging for Business

Top 3 Things I Love About Blogging for Business

Top 3 Things To Love About Blogging

Make no mistake. Blog writing for business growth takes time, energy, and a commitment to push beyond the monotonous. It is not easy. That’s the bad news. The good news is that blog writing for your business is an excellent tool for growth, clarification of what makes you unique, and staying current, fresh, innovative, and relevant. Isn’t that what good business is? How you apply these thoughts will be unique to your industry, but I challenge you to consider what a “love of blogging” could do for your business.  Here are my top 3 reasons for keeping up a business blog.

1. Creative Thought – Blogging forces you to be creative in your business. What will you say that isn’t already being said? How will you say it? What can you teach others about what you do that will benefit them? What do you need to learn, and once identified, how can you share what you’ve learned with others who need it? All of these are strategies to consider for blog writing, but you should write continually, and that requires regular time for creative thought around your business. This keeps you on your toes – keeps you fresh. That benefits everyone!

TIP: Just starting? Consider themes for your blogs, perhaps around each of your core values or primary products. Read other people’s blogs and note the questions that pop into your mind when you’re reading their work. Take questions such as these or ones from your own office FAQ lists, and write blogs answering common questions from your perspective.  Create a posting calendar so that you can put out regular content, and then stick to it!

2. Clarification – There are a lot of things being said through social media by a lot of writers in a lot of industries. Blog writing will create and develop those things that make your business unique. Over time, what you stand for and your principles in business will become distinct from others through your content, your written style, and your “voice.” This ongoing clarification process highlights your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), and this lets potential customers have enough information to make informed decisions about doing business with you. In today’s information-dense economy, most customers do research before they contact a business. A blog gives them information to ask targeted questions when they contact you. That benefits everyone!

TIP: Don’t be afraid to use your blogs to gently disagree with others or common methods in your industry. There is something that makes you unique in business, or you wouldn’t still be in business. With everything that you write about, make sure that your core values and specialties are clear, but do so by emphasizing best practices as you see them rather than by tearing others down. Let your uniqueness rise to the top over time without stepping on others to get there.

3. Service Leadership/Thought Leadership – At their very core, blogs serve to educate others. By educating others and giving constant assistance to the needs of your audience, you become a business of service to others. Brand loyalties arise from that kind of service. When a business provides help, gives information and resources away, is known for the value it gives, etc., customers will come back to it time and time again. Your business becomes more than the products or services you sell – your business becomes a leader of thought and a standard of information and resources to compare others to. That benefits everyone!

TIP: Give it all away. Tell others how to do what you do, why to do it the right way, show them your systems, etc. In most cases, people just want to understand that you have a method to doing things correctly, but they don’t necessarily want to do it themselves. They want to see that they can trust you to do what you say you will do. Blogs are excellent tools for putting your methods on display and getting your business to stand out from the crowd!

How could your business benefit from a blog?


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