5 Favorite FREE Tools for Social Media Marketing

5 Favorite FREE Tools for Social Media Marketing

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There are lots of tools out there to stay on top of social media marketing. Everyone has their favorites. New gadgets and gizmos come out all the time, too, so what we like today may be old news tomorrow. So, with some hesitation knowing that this post could be stale before it goes live, here are just a few of our favorite free tools for staying active with social media.

(There are other good ones that have fees, and all of these below have Upgraded fee-based options, but we are only addressing free services here.)

1. Hootsuite/Social Oomph – Both of these services have free options as long as you are not managing too many social media profiles. Both of these allow you to schedule posts in advance, generate analytics, and post to multiple social media networks, including Google+ on Hootsuite. There are some differences we’ve found, but certainly these tools rank at the very top of our list!



2. ManageFlitter (for Twitter) – We’ve written about this before in our May 2012 Social Media Tips Report, but this handy service lets you log in with your Twitter account and then quickly check your followers to weed out inactive or “spammy” Twitter accounts. It’s a great way to keep your Twitter feed relevant and targeted.

3. EdgeRank Checker (for Facebook) – This site will allow you to log in with your Facebook account and look at the overall rank of your Facebook business page. The real benefit however, is monitoring your EdgeRank over time and seeing the trends and suggested “best” and “worst” information. (The image below is our actual EdgeRank over the last two months.)


4. Google Alerts – The danger in assuming that this one is so common and surely you know about it could result in leaving it off of the list. Do you use these alerts? This feature has been around for a very long time, but if you’re not using Alerts, you should be. Set up as many queries as you want – for daily notice, once per week, or “as it happens.” Use your name, your business name, misspellings of your names, your competitors, key words, etc. ANYTHING that you want to be notified of when it shows up online, can be set up in a Google Alert!

5. Tweegram – This is an app that you can download to your smart iPhone or iPad. Take a picture or create text, and turn it into an image for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or email. With the hugely popular nature of images in social media, it helps to have something handy to create nice looking images for those who have no graphics background.

There are others that we really like, and we’ve addressed some of them in our monthly Insider’s Only Tips Report, but these are worth noting here. What would you add to this list?

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