How To Convert To the New Twitter Layout

How To Convert To the New Twitter Layout

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Want to go ahead and convert your Twitter Profile to the new look? Here’s a quick step-by-step process for making the design switch from your desktop.

Here’s what you’ll need to have or consider before you switch:

  • A Header Image – Suggested size of 1200 x 600 px, Maximum of 5 MB
  • Current or Updated Profile Picture – Up to 700K in size

Consider whether or not you want them to work together. Some very creative designs are being done that do just that, but you may want to come back to that at a later date.

To make the design switch:

1. Open up your Twitter account from the Twitter site – not a 3rd party app.

2. Click on the Settings option under the wheel icon.


3. Then, click on Design on the left-hand menu.




4. From there, you will see the options to change the Header, Background, and Link settings, as well as placement options. Upload the designs you wish to change or add, and Save your settings.

For comparison purposes, notice our settings, and then the final look. This will help you to see where  your images actually end up and how the Background and Overlay color show up in your final design.



And here’s the final look – notice the very subtle difference in our grey tones, and how our choices above affected that. Our website is a series of grey shades, so this works to give a complimentary feel between our website and our Twitter account.



Some folks are using images much like their Facebook or Google+ Cover Photo for their Header, and it would seem that this new Twitter feature is very similar to this in concept. Businesses will want to consider their branding look and style, and they may opt to match their website, as we’ve done, or follow the “Facebook theory” and change out this image often. There is no notice to your Followers when you change this Header image, and for this reason, we have chosen the branded look, but have some fun with it and enjoy finding an image that suits your business look, tone, and branded style.

If you’ve updated your Twitter profile already, we’d love to see your “look.” Share yours in a comment, and we’ll check you out!



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