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The 411 on Foursquare

411 On Foursquare

For those of you who regularly read this blog, you’ll know this is a diversion from our usual articles. Most often, we focus on the “big” networks in social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. However, there are many other social networks that businesses can use for marketing and branding – Tumblr, Vine, Instagram and Foursquare just to …

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7 Tips for Improving Your Social Media

Improve Social Media

No one is perfect. That’s true in every area of life, even social media marketing. The rapid-fire changes to social networks, and how we use them, make it very difficult to be a perfect user of all of the tools or to even know what all of them are. However, everyone has to begin using social media somewhere. We’ve watched …

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Facebook – Highlighting Posts by Others

Highlighted Posts

Imagine that someone posts something great onto your Facebook Business Page. Maybe it’s a great compliment, or maybe they talk about what wonderful service they got from one of your staff members. It might even be something that they share on your wall that’s just worth passing on to your Fans. There’s an easy way to make sure that post …

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Should I Create More Than One Business Page?

Multiple Brand Pages

Many business owners are serial entrepreneurs. Or said another way, their visions for products and services extend beyond a single business. That’s not unusual. The truth is most people wear more than one hat in life – parent, employer/employee, child, caretaker, spouse, etc. – so why wouldn’t businesses have a similar experience? When it comes to marketing those different endeavors, however, …

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How To Create a Twitter List

PolkaDotImpress On Twitter

Personally, Twitter is probably my favorite social media network. I love the power behind its Search feature, the ability to connect to others who might otherwise be “out of reach” to me, the real-time nature of the content, etc. But when I share that with some folks, they often complain about the “noise” on Twitter. “There are just too many …

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