How To Create a Twitter List

How To Create a Twitter List

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Personally, Twitter is probably my favorite social media network. I love the power behind its Search feature, the ability to connect to others who might otherwise be “out of reach” to me, the real-time nature of the content, etc. But when I share that with some folks, they often complain about the “noise” on Twitter. “There are just too many people tweeting and I can’t deal with that,” goes the complaint.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter does give you everything you sign up for – if you Follow someone on Twitter, you can see everything they tweet, as long as you’re watching the feed regularly. (It’s funny that people complain about not getting everything on Facebook, but they complain about getting everyone’s posts on Twitter…) Or, is there a better way? Twitter Lists are the answer to sorting the folks you Follow into manageable groups. Once you’ve created the lists you need, all you have to do is regularly check the lists. Maybe you have a Monday list, a Tuesday list, etc. Or, you could create lists by your relationship to the folks you Follow. You get to decide on Twitter in the way that Facebook’s algorithm (Edgerank) decides for you on Facebook, but on Twitter, you’re in charge of it!

So, to show you how to create Lists, we’ve created a step-by-step video. Take a look, create a few lists, and see if you don’t begin to love Twitter as much as I do! (And please feel free to add us to your lists! @polkadotimpress.)




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