Twitter Best Practices

Twitter Best Practices

Twitter Best Practices

It’s finally a reality! You’ve launched your business. You’re gathering interest among friends and acquaintances. Inquisitive people are seeking out your products and want to know your story. Things are progressing beautifully!

Then it happens.

The questions dwindle. The numbers lag. The interaction becomes infrequent. At this crisis, you reach an important realization. Your dream needs room to breathe. It requires wide open air for its impact to circulate. Others’ awareness of your business is limited by how it is marketed. Therefore, more venues must be explored to regain interest in your business’s unique properties. You have a business Facebook profile. Communicating on merely one social media platform is simply not enough to market your business. It’s time to expand.

Enter, Twitter! The massive, wildly popular social service connecting East to West awaits you, if you can just figure it out.

While the concept of nose-diving into such a busy frontier is alarming, employing Twitter as a marketing tool for your business is a smart choice. A business’s presence on Twitter not only increases awareness of your brand, but conveys a quality of relevance to your network. Simply put, interacting on Twitter means you are current. You are practical. The human trait inherent in communicating via Twitter removes barriers consumers may have with the concept of an everything-is-a-deal business. Your personality– instead of an inanimate company– shines.

And it costs you nothing.

Basic principles exist when beginning your business’s venture into the world of Twitter. Following a few simple steps will strengthen your influence and increase your marketing potential.

1. Create engaging tweets.

The foremost way to do so is by keeping tweets short. Less is the way to go on Twitter.

In addition, utilizing content that is humorous, informative, meditative, or interesting is an excellent way to create engaging tweets. What interests you? What appeals to your worldview? Construct messages that match what you want to hear from others.

Write in a distinct style that will showcase your personality. Engaging others through your tweets takes practice, but the result is uninhibited interaction.

2. Tweet at the right time.

The acceptable number of tweets isn’t an exact science. Follow your instincts in regards to your number of tweets per day. Twitter recommends starting with once a day to find your comfort level, but again, numbers aren’t mandatory. Start with a number and see how things go. Some businesses tweet as often as 20-30 times per day. What feels right to you? For your brand?

Tweeting at the right time involves more than a tweeting habit, however. The beauty of Twitter is its live dynamic. Twitter is real time. Tweet spontaneously about current events. Together, the planned and unplanned form a strong business presence on Twitter.

3. Interact with other Twitter users.

Twitter’s stated purpose is to bring people closer to their interests. The most obvious way to interact with others about your interests is following others and retweeting their content. Choose the subject you like and find a person or business that promotes it.

Another great way to connect others to a common interest is using hashtags to group your topics with similar conversations. Hashtags are Twitter’s filing system for topics. Identify hashtags that are typical themes in your business network and begin using them. It will make you an integral part of the most relevant exchanges occurring in real time. There are some great tools to see what certain hashtags mean or how they are being used before you use them, too. Check out and for starters.

The last interaction tools are @replies and mentions. Address others by their twitter names to garner their attention and ultimately evoke a response. Harnessing the power of interaction is the key component to growing your business on Twitter.

The steps are simple. Find your distinctive method of following them. With the growth of your business, a social scene is necessary to reveal your unique characteristics in a widespread fashion. Twitter is that scene.


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