TV Access via Twitter

TV Access via Twitter

TV Access Via Twitter

The folk at Twitter are doing a great job of anticipating our mobile media practices. Here are some exciting things now available:

“See It”

You know those times when you wonder if Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are giving each other a hard time on NBC’s “The Voice”? You find yourself not watching the show because you’re nowhere near a television, but the Twitter buzz makes it sound like it would be fun to watch at that moment. Well, Twitter has teamed up with Comcast cable company (Xfinity customers) and with NBCUniversal to give you access from an expanded Tweet to your DVR! You can change channels, set your DVR and even watch OnDemand programming. You can find out more about “See It” here.

Windows Phone 3.0

If this is your mobile device, you can have your Tweets and Tweeted photos show up as the background to your locked screen. This saves a step in checking in on your Twitter world.

Twitter now speaks more languages than you. That is, unless you can speak more than 54 languages. Certainly, the social media site is global.

Search is a little easier on Twitter’s app for Windows Phone. You now have the ability to pin certain search words to your home screen, and when someone Tweets using your search term, it will show up on your phone. Plus, you can receive notifications of Tweets by your favorite users or people you follow. While they were at it, Twitter changed its Discover search screen. It’s more flexible and robust. We think you’ll love these changes!

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