3 Easy Steps To A Winning Pinterest Strategy

3 Easy Steps To A Winning Pinterest Strategy

3 Easy Steps To A Winning Pinterest Strategy

What is the fastest growing social media platform? Which social media platform has the highest number of click through and sales conversion rates? What social media platform sends shoppers to websites where they spend 10% more than when referred through other social media platforms?

The answer to all three questions is Pinterest!

Are you surprised? If you actively use a personal Pinterest account, these statistic-based facts probably don’t faze you. Through experience you’ve learned the entertainment of a visual product. Therefore, it’s imperative to utilize the power of graphics for your business.

Build your business brand on Pinterest.

Find photos that encapsulate your business’s personality. These pictures can be from websites, other Pinterest users, or your own library of photos. Of course, use only crystal clear photos since a blurry image exudes an amateur vibe. Pinning your blog posts also works, but just like other social media platforms, refrain from promoting yourself excessively. Rather, present information that relates to your field in order to appear an expert in your department.

Create a noteworthy description on each pin. A great description can get a lot of mileage. Help it do so by confirming that your industry’s keywords are present. Many users simply repin without changing the photo’s description, so make a habit of thinking through every pin’s text.

Pin videos. Since videos are the newest craze on other social media platforms, take advantage of this new trend and market your brand creatively. Find others’ videos or access Youtube to showcase a topic in your field.

Initiate interaction.

Repin from other users’ boards. Repinning benefits both you and the original pinner. He gets a notification that you repinned his content, which heightens his awareness of you. In addition, the original pinner’s name appears on your repin. Consequently, repinning enhances his recognition as well.

Comment on others’ pins. Think of commenting as old-fashioned networking. It builds your brand awareness while likewise letting the other user know you are interested in his presentation.

Address other users with the @mention feature. This practice is only just catching on in the Pinterest world, so take advantage of the chance to set yourself apart as one who stays ahead of the trend.

Use the “Like” button to acknowledge other people’s pins. This feature is useful when you don’t think the pin is a good fit to repin on your business’s boards, but you want to publicly appreciate it. Liking a pin is a virtual nod in the user’s direction without committing to its permanent display on one of your boards.

Practice basic business customs.

Utilize the Pinterest embed feature on your website. Creating a prominently placed “Pin It” button makes the decision fast and easy for your viewer.

Another important button to include on your website is the Follow me on Pinterest button. If the customer likes your website content, he will naturally enjoy your Pinterest exhibitions as well. Make the process simple for him to execute.

Use images in each post you publish on your blog. Following this rule means your articles can be easily pinned. You may also consider using a watermark on any of your website images. A watermark ensures that wherever your photo is pinned, your brand follows.


The most important way to make Pinterest work for your business is to monitor the action on your boards with Pinterest’s analytics tools. As with your business’s progress on any social media platform, observing interaction is key to making positive marketing changes. Use the available instruments to explore, analyze, and implement the ways in which your business can flourish on Pinterest.


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