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Two Quick Ways To Post On LinkedIn

Two Tips On LinkedIn E1391179179589

These two tools have been around for some while, but most people on LinkedIn don’t know of them. We think they are very helpful when you manage multiple social media profiles for your company or for yourself. Adding the “Share on LinkedIn” plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer With this button on your toolbar, you can share useful …

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Where Tumblr Meets Marketing

Where Tumblr Meets Marketing

Who is on Tumblr? …. Who knows what Tumblr is? …. If you have no response to either question, you may be older than 25. Tumblr began in February 2007 by a guy named David Karp. It’s a medium for expression of thought and is much like a blog, but more concise. It’s for those communicators who want to share …

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Wave Off! Say ‘No’ To Fake Fans

Wave Off

Why You Should NOT Buy Fake Fans and Followers It’s tempting to do whatever you can to get Fans on Facebook, Followers on Twitter and build up those numbers on a business profile. The pressure to build those numbers comes from a wrong understanding that large numbers of Fans and Followers must mean your product is better than your competitors’ …

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Really Knowing Your Audience

online survey

The other day, I was on a webinar where the presenter said, “I can tell you 3 things that every single one of my target audience has in common.” They went on to describe 3 very specific things that would describe their audience, and much to my surprise, I had been totally “pegged” by their assessment. Is that a bad …

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Social Media’s Inspiring Stories

social media inspiration

Another video of bouncy kittens and laughing babies– they’re everywhere! You’ve seen them on social media. I’ve seen them on social media. If a friend has not had the luxury of seeing them on social media, we immediately volunteer as the sole source for all things feline and infant hilarity. While these portrayals are adorable beyond words, they are not …

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LinkedIn Profile Changes

3124.LinkedIn Logo

Have you ever wanted to make a few changes to your LinkedIn profile, but without telling everyone about these edits?  That’s the subject of this video tip, inspired by a recent question from a friend of mine. Check out the video, or follow the transcript below, and let us know if you have other questions about your social media profiles! …

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The Facebook Gauntlet of Engagement

hurdle of Facebook

It seems that as Facebook continues to fine tune it’s Timeline for the 1.5 billion users, it is making it more difficult for business users to get noticed. The largest social media site has once again changed its EdgeRank algorithm. The changes are making it more difficult for a business to be seen by those who have “Liked” a business’s …

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