The Facebook Gauntlet of Engagement

The Facebook Gauntlet of Engagement

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It seems that as Facebook continues to fine tune it’s Timeline for the 1.5 billion users, it is making it more difficult for business users to get noticed. The largest social media site has once again changed its EdgeRank algorithm. The changes are making it more difficult for a business to be seen by those who have “Liked” a business’s Facebook page.

The change is prompted by a survey Facebook conducted last fall. The survey results indicated Facebook users overwhelmingly preferred “high quality content about current events, their favorite sports teams or shared interests” to all other posts. So posts that included memes or other links of lesser quality that took the user off Facebook and to another page are not desirable and receive a lower engagement according to the respondents. The EdgeRank algorithm now takes this into account in determining whether a business’s post will receive beneficial placement in the Timeline.

The issue that comes into play for businesses is: How is “high quality content” defined in the algorithm? We have noticed, and you may have, too, that our clients are not getting the reach they previously got on these type of posts without advertising dollars spent behind them. Content that takes someone off Facebook to a business website is being impacted by this algorithm, even if the definition has not been solidified.

Facebook will be defining “high quality content” this year. Social media marketers will have to be ready to respond whether high quality content is determined by the source (established, big brands, etc.) or the subject matter (blogs, viral videos and such). Meantime, know your business’s audience and what they are talking about. Post content that your audience can relate to along with your product information if you want to keep engagement up.

There are ways to respond so that the algorithm does not mute your online presence. Make your content something that you would be willing to share. If it is shareable, your post will likely get some reach. And, it is even more critical that your posts contain content that interest the user over what the business thinks is of more interest.


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