Two Quick Ways To Post On LinkedIn

Two Quick Ways To Post On LinkedIn

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These two tools have been around for some while, but most people on LinkedIn don’t know of them. We think they are very helpful when you manage multiple social media profiles for your company or for yourself.

Adding the “Share on LinkedIn” plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer

With this button on your toolbar, you can share useful and interesting webpages and articles with one click and a comment with your post. You also have the ability to choose with whom you would like to share the item.

All you have to do is drag the button onto your browser’s toolbar to install. On your LinkedIn profile page, click Tools at the bottom of the page. Click on the Sharing Bookmarklet tab near the top of the page. All you have to do at that point is drag the “Share on LinkedIn” button to your browser’s toolbar. When you encounter something you want to share on LinkedIn, simply click on this button. Fast and easy.

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 LinkedIn Company Pages and Groups can be accessed through your Hootsuite account.

Social media managers of LinkedIn pages can post targeted updates and choose certain criteria when doing so in the Hootsuite dashboard. This can be done with both personal and company pages. And you can manage the content to LinkedIn Company Pages as well. You can also post directly to the groups that you belong to. From your Hootsuite dashboard click on the Streams button on the left side. On the Add a stream column click on the arrow in the drop down window and select the LinkedIn profiles you would like to manage through Hootsuite. Make appropriate selections for your need and voilà! Fast and easy.

One word of caution—if you happen to be the administrator of a company page, know that you’ll need to transition the login and password to the person who would replace you if you cease being the administrator. Make sure the next person qualifies to be a company page administrator. Then remove the page administrator designation from your personal LinkedIn profile.

Leverage these two ways and discover more time on your hands.

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