Do I Need To Be On Google Plus?

Do I Need To Be On Google Plus?

Do I Need To Be On Google Plus

When I have been asked that question recently, I realize that I am bigger fan of Google+ than I think am. I’m not alone. Users have been quick to sign on to this social media site. However, these “users” very often fail to use Google+ effectively, if at all beyond a Gmail account. When searching Google+ on behalf of clients, I encounter as many profiles that are merely serving as placeholders as I do profiles that are dabbling with it. More rare is the user who is leveraging the site to build the brand effectively.

The power of this social site comes from Google. Its potential comes from Google. The company has acquired several dozen other companies to incorporate their product with Google’s formidable search engine. Among them are YouTube, Waze (vehicular traffic motor app with geo-tagging capabilities), Android (later sold to Samsung, but Google is still the software developer of the operating system), and they just paid more than $3 billion for Nest, a home automation system whereby you can operate your household systems via mobile technology. Combine all those tools with Gmail and one can quickly see that Google’s strategy is to force users to connect and share with its products. And its potential to monetize is enormous.

I learned something recently about the power of Google+ that is very telling. Note its rapid growth:

Time It Took To Get 50 Million Users

Medium – Time Taken
Television – 75 Years
Radio – 38 Years
Internet – 13 Years
Facebook – 4.5 Years
Twitter – 4 Years
Google+ – 3 Months

So, ignore Google+ at your own risk. Better yet, start working it to build your presence and leverage it for your brand.

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