5 Minute Networking Tips For Twitter

5 Minute Networking Tips For Twitter


Busy is an understatement these days for most professionals.  You’re busy, I’m busy, and everyone we know is busy. Some would say that because of this, we are getting less and less value from social media networking and that all our networks are becoming like uncapped fire hydrants – spewing forth content too dense and too forceful to be of any value. We disagree, but we do acknowledge that unless you’re intentional about networking, you won’t see significant results. So if you could spend just five minutes on Twitter, could it help?

Twitter is under-utilized by most people, so be different! Tweet this

In just a few minutes each day, you can increase your leads and create meaningful networking relationships – we promise! Pick one of these tips (or more!) and spend at least five minutes doing this every day. We think you’ll begin to see how much more powerful Twitter is than you’ve given it credit for being.

Following and Followers Networking

When you follow someone on Twitter, there’s a reason, right? You either have a connection with them, or you get value from what they share. That’s true for everyone. We pay attention to people who add value to our lives, and social media is no different. There are two ways to take advantage of this with regard to your networking.

First, imagine your target customers, those with whom you would like to do business, and go look at the people they have chosen to follow on Twitter. They’re paying attention to others who provide value for them, so what is that value? What are they looking for, and can you provide it? This type of information can help you in many ways, but take five minutes to assess the key strengths of those people who your target customers are following. Create a Twitter List of these people and take some time to study their strengths. (You could even set it up as a Private List and name it after a specific target customer if you like.) Tailor your messages, fine-tune your skills, enhance your products and services, etc., to fit the needs of your target customers.  Look for patterns so you can deliver the results that fit your target customers’ needs. Follow them on Twitter, too, and begin networking with them through hashtags. (See below.)

Secondly, consider your own followers. Who they are following? Review some of your followers and determine how you’re unique. Craft your marketing messages and strategies capitalizing on this personal strength and distinguish yourself from others in your industry. Give your target customers more of what makes you special. Pay particular attention to the folks who regularly engage with your content, either in the form of Retweets, Favorites, or Mentions. They are already on your side when it comes to networking!

Hashtag Networking

Again, start with your target customers. What hashtags are they using regularly? Using the “Search” field on Twitter, look up the hashtags you repeatedly see in your target audience. Click through to the profiles of some of the ones that stand out to you. Notice the top 5-10 hashtags that they use by scrolling down their Tweet feed. Do this for several of the Twitter users in your target audience. This only takes a few minutes to do, but if you do this regularly, you will begin to get a feel for the larger set of hashtags that your target audience uses. Then, begin using those tags in your own relevant tweets and jump into the conversations of those in your target audience.

When you Reply to a tweet, be sure to add value to the conversation, not a sales pitch! Tweet this

These are just a few ways to turn Twitter into a networking powerhouse in just a few minutes every day. Remember, Twitter is great for sharing your content (See “The Rule of Thirds“), but even better when you remember that it’s a social network, built around conversations that matter.

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