Content Lessons To Be Learned From Taco Bell

Content Lessons To Be Learned From Taco Bell

Content Lessons From Taco Bell

It’s a simple food item. Some type of flatbread is gently folded over in half and filled with a meat. This item can be picked up with the God-given eating utensils we were designed with. There is no need for flatware unless you want everyone else at the table to cast a look of consternation your direction. If you cock your head in just the right way and tilt the food item at a certain angle you get this incredible epicurean confrontation with all things scrumptious and satiating. This is the gastronomic legacy of—the taco.

Taco Bell understands the realm of possibilities presented by its product, the taco. Initially, they made crispy tacos. Then, they used flour tortillas and sold the soft taco. They also added tacos that were not folded. We know them as chalupas. And they took the taco, wrapped the tortilla around the meat, tucked the tortilla in at both ends and sell us burritos.

How many different ways can you fold the taco? How many different fillings can you use? How many different ways can I have my tacos at one sitting? What could be added to the meat so that it can be given a different product name and sold for more money? What if you made it with waffles, eggs and bacon? They are still just tacos.

Social media marketers are pretty good at folding the product in different ways. We make use of convergence in social media to get the content out in different ways. Convergence occurs not only when multiple platforms are utilized to make things happen. Convergence is also the art of bringing them all together. That makes convergence a tool.

It’s the art of answering the question “How many different ways can you fold the taco?”  Tweet This!

You’ve probably heard of the example of a paper clip. A paper clip was given to a 10 year old child and an adult. Each was instructed with come up with as many uses for the paper clip as they could think of. The adult came up with a modest list of about 20. The 10 year old came up with a hundred different uses for the paper clip. Not all were really possible or even practical. But it made us think that we need to continually reimagine and repurpose our content and our products. That goes for our social media content, too.

Six thousand restaurants and 2 billion annual customers later, Taco Bell continues to fold the taco a different way. And we keep going back for more.

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