Are You Using LinkedIn Groups?

Are You Using LinkedIn Groups?

Using LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are like mini social networks– social networks in which all other users are strangers, yet are ones that care about the exact same business topics about which you care. We live in a time of hyper-information. And by “hyper,” I mean, lots of details, but not really quality stuff. Think about it. We are all walking experts on the inner psyche of mere acquaintances on Facebook, and that, dear reader, is daily mental overload. The existence of a place where people only talk about things that interest you is a breath of clear, sweet air. For this reason, LinkedIn Groups are truly wonderful.

Two easy steps for success with LinkedIn Groups.

First, LinkedIn Groups make it easy to merely relax and watch the action.

Don’t dive right in at first with a post of your own. See what others are talking about before you speak. Read a few articles, take part in a poll, comment positively on someone else’s contribution. The first step is primarily observation.

Second, delve into the activities.

Comment at length on someone’s work, keeping the discussion on topic. Post something of your own. Be sure to always include your webpage address on your work so others can easily find out more about you. This second step is all about meaningful interaction.

The results of participating are actually quite prolific.

  1. You receive free advice, updates on trending topics, and a free space to promote yourself (sparingly, of course).

  2. Your name becomes familiar to those in your field, either as an involved inquirer or as an authoritative source– sometimes both!

  3. Your group contribution level rises. According to LinkedIn, “Group participants get 4x the number of profile views.”

  4. You gain ideas for blog topics. We all run dry on inspiration, so this is good news for everyone.

  5. You can review each Group’s analytics, which aids in making informed decisions about users with which you wish you connect.

Take a minute (it probably won’t even take that long) to check out the Groups that LinkedIn recommends for you. Click on Interests, then Groups to get started!

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