9 Email Marketing Tips For Success

9 Email Marketing Tips For Success

9 Email Marketing Tips

It’s been a while since we’ve addressed helpful tips on email marketing, so we thought we would share with you what we’ve found after some experimentation with our own email marketing. Anyone who uses an email opt-in list for business has the same ultimate goal whether you call it lead generation, direct sales, or something else. It’s all the same thing. The desire is to increase awareness of your products or services so that someone will buy something sooner rather than later. Right?

3 x 3 Email Tips

There are three areas to pay attention to if you want to increase your open rates. By area, here are 9 tips that will help you to create more meaningful emails to deliver to your subscribers, and with meaningful content, you are much more likely to meet that ultimate goal!


  1. Respect your subscribers. Your audience has decided to trust you with a piece of their identity – their email address. Respect them by delivering what you promised to deliver. If they signed up for only one of several segmented lists that does not mean that you can send them anything you want at any time. Respect their interests and deliver what you promised.
  2. Respect their inbox. Your need to deliver a weekly email is not as important as your subscribers’ need for quality information. Everyone you know and everyone on your email list is flooded with information every day. If you have something to say, go ahead and set up that email campaign. If you don’t really have anything to say, skip it. Your subscribers will appreciate the emails you do send if they are sent when there is real value to offer rather than just another turn of the calendar page.
  3. Respect their time. When you do have something to say in an email campaign to your subscribers, be sure to keep it brief. You can add multiple links to more information or contact info, etc., but keep the core content brief so that your subscribers will be able to quickly find the information that most interests them.

Subject Lines

  1. Think social media!  Tweet This Tip!
    Email marketing subject lines are much like social media posts. They are driven by engagement, and that means that the title of your email subject line must be engaging. That may or may not mean “clever,” but it does mean interesting. Just like any social media post, the goal is to have someone take action on your text, and that’s true with your email subject line, too.
  2. Experiment, experiment, experiment. If you aren’t getting the open rates you want with your email subject lines, try something different. Using the same subject line every time (e.g. Weekly Roundup or Trending News) may or may not fit your audience. Your subscribers may have more personality than that, and likely they do! Regularly test your lists with different email subject lines and see how the open rates are affected. Let’s face it, you can’t reach that ultimate goal with your email marketing if no one is reading your emails!
  3. Learn from your own emails. This is common sense, but pay attention to the subscription emails you receive. Which ones do you open? Which ones do you hold until “there’s more time,” which by the way, generally never happens. Is it song lyrics? Do you look for numbers in the title? Do you want to see your name? Etc. Become a student of email subject lines and apply what you learn.


  1. Mobile-friendly templates are a must! If you haven’t seen the statistics by now, let us recap the situation for you. Mobile is the way the world is going. When it comes to email marketing, if you are not using a client such as MailChimp or Constant Contact who both have mobile-friendly templates, then start! This one change alone can increase your open rates significantly! (Want to compare these two services?) 
  2. Provide value – real value! Similar to Number 3 above, make sure that your email content gives your subscribers actionable information that they may not be getting elsewhere. Whether it be an inspiring story, a special sale, a unique offer, a free tip, a member-only video, etc., deliver something in every email campaign that your subscribers actually want. It’s not about you; it’s for them.
  3.  Graphics are cool! Not everyone agrees here, but our position is that even with email marketing campaigns, attention-grabbing graphics help. In most cases, if you send an email campaign that is purely text-based, your open rates will tank. Graphics can separate sections, provide calls-to-action, or just be visually appealing, but we have consistently found that graphics matter in your email campaigns if you want to get “eyes on the prize” with your campaigns.

Now go create something valuable for your subscribers!


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