Facebook’s Pages Update

Facebook’s Pages Update

Facebook Pages Update

The ever-changing Facebook has done it again! An update will arrive in the coming days, according to Facebook for Business. With every change, a marketer needs to know the effects on him and his fans, and this update could affect some business owners depending on their particular marketing methods.

The highlights of this update are:

  1. The update will arrange a business Page to look more like a normal user’s profile, a view that is also identical to the current mobile outlook. 

This is a positive change since having this uniformity of interface will assist in your business’s brand appearing cohesive. The similarity between business Page and typical profile will also help your business seem more approachable, positioning the company as the customer’s personal acquaintance.

  1. The update will make the Pages to Watch feature available to all admin users. Facebook originally experimented with this observational element in mid-2013, offering it to only some Page admins. With this new update, any admin will have the option of using it and will be repeatedly encouraged by Facebook to do so.

The way Facebook describes it, “Pages to Watch allows admins to create a list of Pages similar to their own and compare the performance of their Page with that of the businesses they care about.”

More specifically, “On the ‘Overview’ tab of Page Insights, admins will see some key stats about the Pages they are watching. The ‘Posts’ tab of Page Insights includes a feature to view the past week’s most engaging posts….” The basic concept of Pages to Watch is to give business owners a way to cyber-watch competitors or other successful companies to see how to improve their own tactics.

  1. The update will alter tabs, or apps, (currently located under the business name and “Like,” “Follow,” and “Message” buttons) from graphics to non-graphic links in a drop-down box under “More.”  (NOTE: After some uproar from the marketing community, it was announced that there will indeed be graphic links to apps in a lower, left-hand location, but no one is sure whether this was an adjustment or originally planned by Facebook.)

This change could be negative for businesses that rely on apps for contests, sweepstakes, added traffic to their other social profiles (i.e. Twitter, Pinterest), and other useful features. The standard Facebook user is highly unlikely to search a business, click on a non-eye-catching “More” drop-down menu, and then click the tab they want or scroll down far enough to see these apps in a lower section. The new update makes it difficult for these once prominent apps to be quickly found.

Naturally, Facebook has a mission in whatever change it makes, and with the introduction of Pages to Watch and the de-emphasis of app visuals, the predominant intent is monetization.

Pages to Watch:

The Pages to Watch component promotes the competitive quality of business by having a constant visible comparison between your business and others. The goal is for the business owner to spend more on ads in order to keep up with competitors.

But comparing your competitor’s achievements your own business may not be the best judge of success. When I ran the concept of Pages to Watch by Camille Rodriquez, owner of Polka Dot Impressions, her cautious response made a lot of sense. She said, “We all have competition, and we can learn from one another, but… [Pages to Watch] tends to put the focus on others and the competitive side of doing business rather than on serving our customers/clients/etc. They are usually the best judge of what’s working.”


The current visuals and convenient location of apps promotes traffic to contenders like Twitter and Pinterest and gives businesses a free path to their personal websites. When this update arrives, results may change.

The point is:

To conclude, the two primary ways to lead fans to your Page and ultimately, your website, will continue to be:

  1. Creating content that your fans will want to interact with straight from their newsfeed.

  2. Putting money into ads.

Click over to the Facebook for Business site to view the new look soon to arrive for all business Pages.


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