14 Top Tools Of Effective Social Media Marketing

14 Top Tools Of Effective Social Media Marketing

14 Top Tools Of Effective Social Media Marketing

There are a lot of tools out there for social media marketing. There are so many, in fact, that it can be overwhelming for a business owner to decide what works and what doesn’t when getting started. I’ll admit, I’m a chaser of the “new and shiny” to some extent, but there are some tools that I keep coming back to because, well, they just work.

These 14 tools, arranged by how we use them, is not an exhaustive list, but they’re the ones our team cannot do without to do what we do. Some of them have fees to use, and some are free, but the ones with fees are very reasonable when you consider the time they save and the value they bring to the business.

We’d love to hear your feedback on which ones you use from this list, and whether or not any of these are new to you!

Social Dashboards & Listening Tools

1. Hootsuite – Hootsuite allows you to schedule, engage, and monitor multiple accounts from Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram. We use it primarily for Twitter and Google+, but it’s a multi-faceted dashboard for social media engagement.

2. Iconosquare – Iconosquare, formerly Statigr.am, is a great dashboard for Instagram. You can get stats, real-time information, and interact with others from your desktop, just as if you were on Instagram.

3. Viraltag – ViralTag is a Pinterest scheduling tool. It also provides some analytics and discovery features.

Twitter Tools

4. And 5. ManageFlitter and Commun.it   ManageFlitter and Commun.it help to optimize Twitter growth and interactions. They have similar features, but I find that I go back and forth between the two because different features are more user-friendly on one or the other tool. In both cases, I use the free versions, so I’d be hard-pressed to decide which one to upgrade to if I wanted to make that jump.

These days, a good Twitter tool or two is indispensable in social media marketing!  Tweet this

Hashtag Tools

6. Hashtagify.me – Hashtagify.me is a great tool to check out hashtags before you use them to see if they are going to serve your post well. You might be surprised to find similar hashtags that are more effective, and this tool gives you a visual indicator of your desired hashtag’s social strength.

7. Tagdef.com – This tool will help you to define a hashtag, either before you use it or as you use it. You may even want to define a hashtag if it’s one that you intend to start using for your business. (For instance, we use the hashtag #pdiatwork in many of our social posts. We added it to the Tagdef directory because it didn’t previously exist there.)

8. Tagboard – Tagboard is a very simple hashtag tool for robust “listening.” It monitors hashtags for you and gives you a real-time look at what’s going on with any hashtag you want to monitor. You can even set up multiple tagboards to monitor multiple hashtags at once.

Content Tools

9. BundlePost – This one is a powerhouse for content curation. Suffice it to say that this one has saved us countless hours of research time and created a significant difference in what we can offer our clients and our social listeners. BundlePost is one of our all-time favs!

10. Google Alerts – Google Alerts let you track any word, phrase, business name, etc. across the web, and it creates an alert via email when that search term appears in a Google inquiry.

11. Tweak Your Biz (Title Generator) – Trying to come up with creative titles for blogs? This little tool is a great resource for titles that may even inspire new blogs that you hadn’t yet considered!

Cloud Tools

12. and 13. Dropbox and Google Drive – Our team uses both of these for cloud access no matter where we are. For instance, as a team, we may find ourselves in 3 or 4 cities at once. Being able to access key documents and graphics at any time is critical. We tend to use Dropbox for “archival data” and Drive for “in progress” items, but there is some overlap. One of the main reasons that we choose Drive accessibility for some items over Dropbox is that Drive has a larger capacity on the free account.

Other Tools

14. Bit.ly – Bitly is a link shortener. While it’s true that most people want to see the full link of something before they click on it these days, there are times when a link needs to be shortened. Bitly not only shortens the link, but allows you to customize the link name and track the clicks. This is an oldie but a goodie!

What tried and true tools do you tend to fall back on when the “new and shiny” seem to fade?

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