The Best Way To Get More Instagram Followers

The Best Way To Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram followers

I’m assuming you have already constructed your business profile on Instagram. You’ve uploaded a great profile photo and filled out your business description. Maybe you’ve used Instagram for a while, but you need a boost in ideas to increase your Instagram followers. Well, my friend, I’ve got you covered. Read on!

The “Basics” of Instagram

  1. Instagram is less about snazzy photos and more about everyday life. Snap photos (or record videos) of activities that are easily relatable and compositions that appeal to emotions. Remember, pictures that are odd and different are often more appreciated than flawlessly crafted graphics. Use Instagram to visually document tidbits of both your business and even your personal life as you work each day.
  2. Your post frequency is based on your industry and fans alone. Experiment with posting several times per day as opposed to posting several times per week. Then go further by comparing similar photos posted at different times of the day. Note which photos get the most interaction. Don’t be too shy to ask your fans what times of the day they check Instagram. Instagram followers choose to follow you because they want to see your posts. Most likely, they will happily give you the information you need.
  3. The hashtag is the call number of the Instagram “library.” A hashtag determines whether your photo is seen or is quickly buried in the slew of other photos posted. Take time to monitor trending hashtags in your field and use them. Organizing your photos with hashtags diligently ensures others will easily find them, so don’t forget to research prominent hashtags before you post your photo.
  4. If an Instagram user comments on your photo or addresses you, respond! Comment on fan photos as well, especially if the photos include an element of your brand. Let them know you noticed that aspect even if they weren’t trying to get your attention. It’s imperative that your fans see you’re listening to them. It’s the number one way you can actively value them.

“Getting There” with Instagram

  1. I’ve talked about how important it is to research hashtags in your industry. Schedule time in your Instagram strategy to like or comment on photos that display those industry-specific hashtags. It’s a great way to interact with others interested in your line of business or core values.
  2. Take note of fans that like your photos often or comment on your posts. In addition, anyone who posts photos of your product should be recognized. Show appreciation for them by addressing them specifically using the @mention feature. Personalized interaction goes a long way on Instagram to reinforce emotional and relational connections.

Remember, Instagram appeals to emotions, and we all like to feel emotionally connected! Tweet this

The “Extra Mile” on Instagram

  1. One way to build your Instagram followers is to run a photo contest and include a valuable prize. Invite anyone to participate and encourage your fans to invite their friends. Base your contest on a voting system. Doing so guarantees that participants will tell others about the contest in order to garner more votes. Create your own unique hashtag for the contestants to use on their photos during the contest. This method gives participants a search key to view their competition’s photos. Running a contest does wonders in increasing your followers, but ultimately, hosting a contest gives you insight on customer use of your product and aids in brand awareness.
  2. Document all interaction on your photos and with your hashtags. If you’ve found a hashtag that gets plenty of attention, keep inventing ways to use it. Find ways to either refine your posts or keep posting photo types that receive lots of interaction.
  3. Check out other brands on Instagram, too, especially those that are receiving tons of interaction or have lots of followers. Observe the strategic choices that propel these businesses towards success on Instagram. Of course, stay away from businesses that appear to have fake followers or those who have exchanged likes for follows. A user who is interested in genuine interaction finds no merit in a business with fake fans.

I’d love to hear your strategy for upping your game on this fun social media platform. Let me know the ways you’ve found success with these tips on Instagram, and of course, please follow us on Instagram!


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