How Not To Damage Your Business With Social Media

How Not To Damage Your Business With Social Media


Social media marketing, when done strategically, creatively and thoughtfully, can build your business. Or, it can cause significant damage with your customers. I can’t tell you how many businesses have approached me with this question “Can you do my social media?” You would think my automatic response would be “Of course, we can do your social media.” It’s not. It does not take long into the conversation before we often discover that we have a major difference of opinion of what it means to “do social media.”

There are common mistakes business owners make in their approach to social media. They are mistakes that can really damage your business.

Things That Damage


Spam is social media content created and delivered by an inactive or bogus profile/account. It is a deceptive trick to influence a buyer directly or through negative (and usually false) costumer experiences. This negative tactic saw a 350-percent increase in social media usage in early 2013. One study showed that 70-percent of emails was spam. Email clients are getting better at screening scam emails and that might be what has contributed the increase in spam on social media sites.

Your customers do not have a tolerance for spam! They will stop engaging with you and perhaps disassociate from your business completely.  Tweet this


A definition of trolls in social media is representative of the creatures found in children’s stories. A troll is an abusive or obnoxious user that seeks to tear down, demean, spread rumors or speak biliously of competition on other sites. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Your customers will have the same reaction of you if you allow your social media to troll. Nobody wants to play with trolls and they will avoid you like an infection. They could even report you and the site could suspend your account, preventing you from doing any legitimate business because of trolling.


This is the tactic of first offering an appealing deal, sale or promise and then making additional demands after the other person has committed to the deal or offering something totally different than the ad promised. You’ve seen those marketing tactics: “Click here to see who’s been seeing your profile” and then the link is to something else they are trying to sell you.

Your customers will not trust you if you do any bait-and-switch marketing. They will go to a brand they trust over one that seems a better deal but with a business with which they have perceived a devious encounter. It’s not worth losing many potential customers for the rare sucker that falls for this.

Avoid these damaging tactics!  Tweet this

Strategy That Builds

We live in a world in which people no longer tolerate businesses that are untouchable, unethical or indifferent. The value of the light bulb you are selling is also measured by what kind of behavior your business exhibits. Your business social media marketing should be a thoughtful, measurable and tactical strategy. It is not easy. The reality is that people do not mind being consumers. They do mind being sales targets.

Your customers like for you to be engaged with them. Talk with them. Share with them. Laugh with them. Wonder with them. Be real. Today, more than ever, it is important and extremely effective to build bonds of affection with your social media community. It takes a strategic plan to build a solid relationship.

“Doing” your social media marketing can either damage your business or build upon its strength. Leverage your entrepreneurial spirit to make your social media marketing a significant post in the timeline of your business.


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