Sneaky Facebook Updates Their Mobile App

Sneaky Facebook Updates Their Mobile App

Updates to Facebook Mobile App

Every now and then we hear a big splash about updates to Facebook. But on occasion, Facebook sneaks out an update or two that you don’t even know about until you realize something is different. Recently, sneaky Facebook updates came out again, and you may not even realize that it’s affecting your News Feed.

Facebook News Feed Choices

Facebook News Feed OptionsFor some time now, Facebook has given you an option on your desktop News Feed to see “Most Recent” or “Top Stories”. Facebook prefers you to live in the “Top Stories” view so that they can show you the most popular posts from your friends and Pages. Personally, I find this very frustrating. I frequently have to “re-select” Most Recent, because I like to see the real-time aspect of Facebook.  It’s critical for marketing. But as a general Facebook user, I would rather see the posts from what’s current with my friends as well, not something that’s from three days ago that I have already seen. On the mobile app, up until this last week, you had the same selector-based choice.

What You See Isn’t Live

With the new Facebook updates, what you see on your mobile app is no longer live, and getting the real-time view is not easy! Take a look at your mobile Facebook app. What do you see when you go to your News Feed? When I scroll down my feed, in this order, I see:

  • Two posts from friends from approximately one hour ago,
  • Then a post from a friend from 15 hours ago
  • Then a post from a friend from 29 hours ago
  • Then a post from a friend from 2 hours ago…

Do you see what I mean? What you see in your News Feed is NOT in real-time. In the past, you would have just moved to the top selector option, found Most Recent, and changed the view of your News Feed, but guess what? That selector is now missing! After a bit of a scavenger hunt, I finally found the Most Recent option, and all I can say is that based on its placement, I get a pretty clear picture of the value that Facebook is putting on my preferences!

Want To Fix This?

Here’s how you can fix this if, like me, you value real-time interactions with friends and Pages.

*Marketers, please read into this: If Fans can’t find your posts, you’ve got a problem! Tweet this

From your mobile News Feed, select “More” from the lower right side. Then, scroll down past most of the items you’ve seen before, and find “Most Recent” from the “Feeds” section. This will open a new feed of the real-time posts from your friends and Pages.

Be sure to refresh this feed or you won’t actually be seeing the live posts. And keep this in mind, too. Each time you close out and reopen your Facebook app, you may have to go through this process again because, by default, Facebook wants to show you the Top Stories feed and depending on how long you’ve been out of the app, you may be taken back to Top Stories on your next visit!


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