Godzilla And Facebook – Privacy Issues

Godzilla And Facebook – Privacy Issues

Godzilla And Facebook Privacy Issues

Godzilla is smashing his way to success! The giant dinosaur-like creature is one of the most popular characters on the big screen this summer. But Godzilla isn’t the only monster making an appearance this summer. In its newest trend for all users, Facebook has launched a cartoon dinosaur, dubbed the Zuckasaurus, as the mascot for its newest privacy campaign. In the aftermath of Facebook’s controversial privacy standards, the platform designed the Zuckasaurus to accompany a reminder to check your personal profile’s privacy settings. You can see him here: Zuckasaurus

Everyone knows that social media is public. Given this truth, here’s a quick reminder to be cautious when posting. Would the post or comment embarrass you if an unintended person discovered it? If so, then it would be wise to forego the comment entirely. Although the Zuckasaurus appears only on personal profiles (not business pages), such a post could undermine your integrity as an individual and damage your business’s reputation.

But sometimes your post is a harmless one, such as a photo of you water skiing this summer. However, you immediately think of Great Aunt Bess. You realize that seeing a photo of you involved in a fun, yet potentially dangerous sport could send your Great Aunt– who is ever worried about your well-being– into a conniption fit. You don’t want to worry Great Aunt Bess, yet you still want to post your photo. Merely alter your privacy settings in order to keep Great Aunt Bess from seeing your photo. Under Privacy Settings, click “Edit” (on right side of “Who can see my stuff?”), then click “Custom.” It looks like this:  

Who Can See Your Future Posts-


Of course, you can control your own actions, but not the actions of others on your timeline. So be sure to review your Timeline and Tagging settings regarding what others can post on your timeline and tag you in as well. It looks like this:

Timeline and Tagging Settings


If you’ve altered your privacy settings, but are unsure if the changes are working adequately, Facebook has provided a way for you to check. It looks like this:

Who Can See My Stuff on Facebook


You can check by individual friends (1) or by Public (2) view, which looks like this:

This Is What Your Timeline Looks Like To...


These features have been in existence for quite some time, but a review can be helpful to those who may have forgotten the available options. Has the Zuckasaurus showed up on your personal profile yet?

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