The Fab Four Of A Target Audience

The Fab Four Of A Target Audience

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When you clear away the ego involved in social media marketing (how many Followers did you pick up this week, how popular was your last blog post, did the recent Infographic go viral, etc.), a single question remains:

Are you reaching your target audience with information that serves them and facilitates a strong relationship?  Tweet this

This question presumes two things:

  1. That you produce quality information, services, or products that solve the problems of others, and
  2. That you know your target audience.

The Target Audience “Fab Four”

The first question above is one of business development, and there is much that you can focus on there. However, I want to focus briefly on the second question. Are you able to identify your target audience?

There are many ways to define a target audience, but these are the critical factors that should be in the forefront of all of your marketing, the Fab Four, if you will.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Personality types (this can include Values)
  • Profession/Income Level

If your products and services are capable of solving problems for others, which I presume you believe they are or you wouldn’t have launched your business, then all you have to do is reach the “right” prospects with your message. The more you can identify the right prospect, the better your conversion rate from prospect to customer will be.

There’s a pretty good chance that if you consider your current customers, the best of them will stand out. What do they have in common when it comes to age, gender, personalities, or income?  Some of these are a bit harder to identify than others, but by focusing on the profitable customers with whom you currently enjoy doing business and comparing their similarities, you will find some common traits.

We’ve found it’s helpful to even give a “face” to your target audience. That might mean a real customer or it could be an archetype, but if you keep this face in mind when putting together all of your marketing pieces, you will be less likely to miss your target audience in your marketing.

It’s easy to get distracted in social media marketing by focusing on how well you’re doing with your own content and social media. We all want to “be popular,” and often, we look at numbers to evaluate our success. That may be an appropriate measure in some cases, but it’s not the only factor to be considering! It comes down to whether or not you’re reaching the right prospects.

The right prospect who becomes a brand advocate for you is far more powerful than a large number of people not in your target audience who may never help generate leads or sales.

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