Facebook, Which Way Is The Wind Blowing?

Facebook, Which Way Is The Wind Blowing?

Facebook Wind Blowing

What’s Working On Facebook?

This is not a rant.

This is a reality check. This is an opportunity to ask yourself a question. Which way is the wind blowing on Facebook? How does that affect your Facebook marketing strategy? Let’s get real on this one.

Does Facebook still “work” for marketing? Yes.

Does it work like it used to? No.

Have you heard that lately? Yes.

What does work on Facebook? Let’s look at that. Tweet this

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Currently, there are three things that are working on Facebook when it comes to your marketing strategy, and of course, the nature of your business factors into these choices.

Option #1 – Brand Awareness

Facebook is still an excellent way to build a presence and an understanding of what you do. How others find you has changed, but what they find on your Page has not.

It is our belief that in most cases, all businesses can benefit from Facebook brand awareness marketing. But, it must be accepted that this type of marketing has little or no ROI. There, we said it. Brand awareness is not directly tied to ROI. It’s more closely tied to customer service if we have to narrow it down. Of course there are exceptions, but generally speaking, as you build a brand you are building the trust factor, and that relates more to how people feel about your business, than whether or not they do business with you. Brand awareness allows customers and potential customers to do their research in making an informed decision. Facebook allows for this to happen quite nicely, but it will cost you time or money and you may not be able to track that to revenue. Valuable? Absolutely! But this is outside of traditional ROI metrics.

Note that how you build Brand Awareness is tied option #3 below, Content Marketing.  Tweet this

Option #2 – Ad Campaigns

Facebook has some very affordable ad options. You can also spend a lot of money with Facebook. It’s your choice, and they will be happy to take your money.

Whether a client is a small one or a big one, they are all important to us, and they all have goals when it comes to how they utilize Facebook. Based on our experience with both large and small organizations, we can tell you that it is no longer possible to be seen on Facebook by new Fans/customers/prospects without “help.” That help comes by way of ads. On the negative side, that costs money. There’s no getting around that any more. On the positive side, there are some creative and affordable ad options that may work for you, depending on your goals. If your goal is to have a very large, rapidly growing Fan base for “the numbers,” it will cost you a pretty penny. If you want to grow slowly, you can do so for less than the price of your monthly coffee budget. If you want to drive traffic to your website, Facebook makes that fairly easy, too. Ad campaigns on Facebook allow you to “marry” your budget to your objectives and maximize the “offspring” of the two.

Note that how you run Ad Campaigns on Facebook is directly tied to your objectives. Be realistic about what you want to get out of every dollar you spend.

Option #3 – Content Marketing

A little or a lot, that is the Facebook content question.

Content marketing on Facebook is a viable option. Keep in mind that while on Facebook, most users still operate under a hesitation to click links (videos, articles, etc.), but if they trust you (see #1 above), they will click on valuable content marketing pieces.  Having said that, the current trend is to post more often. Can you be valuable more of the time?

Essentially, to get seen by your Fans on Facebook, particularly without big budget ad campaigns, you have to post more often to hit those times when your Fans will organically see your content. Posting only once per day? Make sure you’re running an ad if you’re seeking growth. If growth isn’t a primary objective because you’re more interested in Brand Awareness, then once per day may work, and you might be able to post less than that. Your Reach and Engagement numbers will take a nosedive. A big one, so be prepared. But Brand Awareness has a different goal. Maybe Reach isn’t your objective. Keep that in mind.

Some people are suggesting that 3-5 times per day is going to become the norm on Facebook in order to “get lucky” and show up in news feeds when your Fans are online. Think Twitter. Will your Fan base tolerate that? What if they’ve previously taken the time to set up Notifications for your posts? Maybe they will, but maybe they won’t. Let me put it this way. Personally, I’ve turned off quite a few Notifications in the last few weeks leaving me at the mercy of getting lucky with those Pages. It was a choice I was willing to make.

Note that how you answer the “little or a lot” question is directly tied to – you guessed it – your objectives with your Facebook marketing strategy.

So, what is your strategy on Facebook? Which way is the wind blowing? Only you can decide how much of your marketing dollar is tied to building, growing, or both, but the winds of change in social media marketing are forcing you to clearly define those objectives. Be honest with yourself and your business, and if it’s time to change directions, do so with a full understanding of where to spend your time and money.

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