7 Ways Social Media Can Bust Or Build Your Business

7 Ways Social Media Can Bust Or Build Your Business

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Social Media – Building It vs Blowing It!

Recently, some of the Polka Dot Impressions team members spoke to the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce at their monthly Lunch and Learn. The topic was “7 Ways Social Media Can Bust Or Build Your Business.” Below are the slides from that presentation, as well as some of the supporting notes for review. Please let us know if you have any questions about this presentation!

(We were thrilled to have our event sponsors there, as well. Many thanks to the team at CustomHeard!)

Deceptive Techniques vs Bonds of Affection


It’s been done for years in emails (one study shows 70% of emails are spam.) Now these unscrupulous “marketers” have taken to social media.

2013 saw an increase of 350% – Your customers DO NOT have a tolerance for spam!


Abusive or obnoxious user that seeks to tear down, demean, gossip or undermine competition on the competitors’ sites.

Unless you’re in a Disney movie…nobody wants to play with trolls. Much less give them money.


You know what this tactic is. When have you seen this in social media?

  • What could happen if you practice any of these techniques? You can get reported and even shut down as a business! Why risk that?
  • These tactics are essentially ways to insert yourself into other people’s property – It’s not cool, and it’s never received in the manner you want it to be!
  • Your message will get noticed, but at what cost?

Your Friends, Followers, Likes, Connections…they are people, not targets.

Here’s a truth: People like buying… They don’t like being sold. Treat them like you would a friend.

All things being equal—they will buy from a friend over someone with whom they have no relationship.  Tweet this

Psst. Did you hear? vs Source of Encouragement

Gossip and rumors are like the flu…

Study released this year “Rumor Cascades”…

  • On social media sites, 1 out of 5 rumors was political content.
  • Of all rumors and gossip…12 percent were fake or doctored images (not cartoons).
  • According to Snopes…Almost half of all rumors were false. Only one quarter of them turned out to be true.
  • But the Rumor Cascades study reported that the rumors that showed up on Facebook were overwhelming false…and that less than 10% of them were true.

Instead, be a source of encouragement. Be positive! Follow best practices, and your business can be the good and trusted friend that customers are desperately seeking!

Social media is about your relationship with your customer…existing and future.  Tweet this

“Munication” vs Listen to Understand

Here’s our third practice…What’s missing from the first word? The prefix “com-”

Communication is not a press release you issue… an announcement you make… a product description you put on your website.

Communication is how you interact with the person that could really benefit from your product or service.

Human nature is to defend an attack from the outside.

  • “There must be reason – we could never make that mistake.”
  • “No, if you’ll read the ad correctly the discount was only good through last week. We’re sorry you misunderstood.”
  • “Recently, someone posted that we were not keeping our word. We suggest you go to that person’s profile and check their photos and judge for yourself whether they’re reliable or not.”

Instead, be trustworthy! Be empathetic, be friendly, always call people by their name in social media when you can, And the most effective currency with your customers…ALWAYS, always, always offer to make it right.  Tweet this

Eat Your Words vs RITE Words

Ever send an sensitive email to the wrong person? It happens in social media, too.

On July 17 of this year, Malaysian Airlines suffered a second tragic event. What was it? Have you seen the Jason Biggs Tweet he posted on the same day?

Or, take Epicurious… Insensitivity and Automation can be smelled a mile away – and they don’t smell good to customers!

Do you remember Oreo? Why did this first one work? And why didn’t they hit it out of the park with this contest post?

Do you have a strategy with your social media? With a strategy in place…you can ensure that your content will not make someone else’s presentation as the “bad example.”  Tweet this

Employee Rant vs Employees As Resource

You’re the business owner at these places. Can you take action against either of these employees?

What should you do? How can you turn your employees into one of your greatest band assets?  Tweet this

Apathy vs We Are Open

Inconsistency breeds a sense of “is anyone home?”

  • Do you care?
  • Has your business gone under?

On the other hand, when you pay attention, it always impresses others! An impressed customer is a faithful and loyal customer!  Tweet this

Final Thoughts

Your customers like for you to engage with them – they connected with you for a reason!

You are building relationships! Social media is the new office telephone! It may or may not always tie directly to a dollar, but it always matters when you are available for your customers and prospects!  Tweet this

It’s not about you, it’s about how your customers and prospects use social media!

Be where they are.

Your 17-year-old second cousin on your mother’s uncle’s side does NOT have a vested interest in your bottom line. Why would you risk your business by leaving your social media in their hands?

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