Should You Buy Followers? What’s The Catch?

Should You Buy Followers? What’s The Catch?

Should you buy followers?

In social media, anyone can buy Fans and Followers – very cheaply, in fact. We’ve had more than one conversation with potential clients who want a “quick turnaround” which is code for buying Followers in order to achieve big numbers really fast. I’m not talking about targeted ad campaigns here; I’m talking about purchasing Fans and Followers through a third party service in order to quickly increase your social following numbers. So, should you do it? Should you buy followers?

There’s really only one reason that people choose to buy Follower and Fans. It’s because they live by this assumption:

Bigger is Better: If you look important, you’ll be important, right? Maybe not…

Social Media Engagement

If you have thousands of Fans or Followers and only a negligible percentage of engagement, the legitimate Fans and Followers will soon realize that the illusion of a strong following was just that, an illusion. It may look like everyone else was interested in you or your product for a short time, but it won’t last long.

Most social media influencer scores look at engagement with your content. Artificial Fans and Followers are notoriously bad for your engagement rate. They just don’t engage. Many of them aren’t even real. Most of these Followers come from “click farms” which are software/bots set up with multitudes of fake profiles used just for the purpose of inflating Follower counts. If what you have to say isn’t meaningful enough for real people to pay attention, then you will get zero engagement and produce zero influence!

If influencer scores matter to you, don’t buy Followers and Fans! Tweet this! 

Truth in Social Media

There are lots of them, but one of the real websites we reviewed that specializes in buying fake Twitter Followers, makes this claim, “President Obama bought some, Lady Gaga bought some, so did Justin Bieber… Unless people audit you with apps… no one will ever find out!”

My question is, in what area of life did the “everybody’s doing it” argument ever make sense or prove true anyway?

The problem with this sales pitch is that it’s not true. People will find out. There are lots of free tools out there to determine if someone has fake followers. We can, and we do check, and by “we,” I’m referring to the educated and discerning potential customers that you’re trying to reach. What does it say about your brand and your integrity if you’re “found out” by prospects in this way?

If business integrity matters to you, don’t buy Followers and Fans! Tweet this! 

Value in Business

Do the bigger accounts get more attention in social media? Perhaps immediately, but consider this. Businesses solely interested in these inflated vanity metrics are often living in an “all about us” environment. They are worried about the next sale, the next viral video, the next download, etc., and they’re too busy to worry about your needs. Their eyes aren’t on the quality of their product or the quality of their customer service. They only want you to “look at them” in all of their greatness. Guess who suffers when this happens? You do. Flip this. If you’re the one who is about to buy Followers, what does it say about your regard for potential customers? Where is your focus?

Sure, there are brands out there that have bought “a few” Followers just to get over the hump of a new account, and we get it, but ultimately, we don’t want to do business with those who don’t value our needs. Do you? More importantly, do you want to be one of those businesses?

Everyone in business needs to make a sale, but sales are easier to make when the value is real, consistent, and focused on customer retention and referrals rather than on false appearances or “all about us” numbers.

If providing value to your customers matters to you, you won’t buy Followers and Fans! Tweet this! 

It will take more time to gain meaningful and targeted Followers through a combination of quality content, intentional relationship building, two-way interaction, and targeted ads. And yes, it will be more work. But the long-term potential to your business always pays off. The decision to buy Followers never does!

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