The Future Of Internet Marketing

The Future Of Internet Marketing

Future Of Internet Marketing

The online world is changing all the time. How is it impacting internet marketing? At a recent networking meeting the challenges presented by these changes generated myriad reactions and insightful ideas.

The discussion centered on the work of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. Which is more important—content marketing or SEO? It generated a lot of talk. It also prompted us to consider reviewing our own market positions in order to remain viable in the ambiguous future of internet marketing.

SEO, Content Marketing, and Big Data

Here are some of the takeaways from the discussion:

SEO – SEO is moving from the job title into the job description. This reflects a shift in marketing approaches. While still very important, content marketing has become increasingly important. The role of content marketing is becoming more significant and it may relegate SEO to a tool rather than the end-all internet marketing strategy it used to be. Tweet this

Mobile – The importance of mobile is underestimated. Especially in purchasing power and certain demographics. The fact is that our cellphone is a more powerful computer than the IBM 360 of the 1970s that took up a whole wall and cost at least $133,000. The average time a person spends on the cellphone is more than an hour a day, and they aren’t making that many phone calls. Websites that are “mobile friendly” will soon be marked as such on Google search results.

Big Data – Big data owners (big as in large, not volume) are gathering more data to remain in control of all the data we produce digitally. Every click on your computer or tap on your phone is providing information that someone is gathering. This data is being used to create searches that “think” more accurately about what you are looking for. Consider it a form of artificial intelligence. That is how sophisticated this data gathering and utilization is becoming.  Tweet this

Social Media – Small and mid-sized businesses will have to be very, very creative internet marketers in order to reach the people necessary to grow their brand/community. The big owners of data (see previous bullet point) will overwhelm internet marketing very soon. Social media will become more critical to get results.

Monetization – More monetization of social media is forthcoming. The social media sites care about business, just not your business. It will take more advertising budget to reach more customers who are social media participants. And because there are hundreds of millions participating, business will also have to participate.

Don’t let this information make you want to “unfriend” internet marketing. Success is still possible with social media marketing! The keys for success will be strategy, creativity, engagement and branding your profile to appeal to your target market.

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