‘Twas The Moment B4 #Hangout

‘Twas The Moment B4 #Hangout

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It was eve of the Hangout, the biggest this year.
The message delivered, the reach far and near.
The earbuds would once again enter canals
With content perhaps good, hopefully not banal.

The speakers were clearing and rehearsing their voices
Anticipating many content editing choices.
High hopes were held by those watching screens
That morsels from thought leaders they would glean.

For those well-practiced, how great the technology
That delivered great visuals paired with audiology.
A sandwich in hand and screen now online
Created the window to task many times.

Then, when all things were set and success was in sight,
The diabolical happened. On the broadband was blight.
“Gack!” cried the one. “Oh, my!” from the other.
Euphemisms were loud, thoughts questioning one’s mother.

Quick-thinking, quick-acting, rebooting was tried.
No matter the tactic the spinning wheel thrived.
The hammer was lifted, about to Thor down,
When the screen is restored. There’s no longer a frown!

The welcome is offered, identities shared.
One after another at the Slideshare they stared.
How quick they forgot, the disruption a fog.
A faint memory now because there’s a blog!

“Webinars, webcasts and from Hangouts refrain?”
But, nay, the next one comes; they’ll do it again.
Productive is how the hour is spent.
They look up and wonder, “Where did the time went?”

While this is a fun way to look at the process of continuing to stay on top of social media trends, it should be suggesting a very real question for marketers everywhere. Are you staying on top of trends in social media? There are lots of things that vie for your time, but marketing with social media cannot be done well unless you stay on top of the changes that happen every day!

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