Social Media Alignment – Take The Time To Get It Right [Infographic]

Social Media Alignment – Take The Time To Get It Right [Infographic]

Social Media Alignment

From time to time, realigning your social media efforts is called for in business. Whether it’s an annual audit, a change in direction for your company, or just internal housekeeping, maintaining clean, accurate and up-to-date social profiles is important to your brand or organization, and a social media alignment is in order!

Here are several areas on which to focus your efforts. Check out this Infographic, and be sure to scroll all the way down for some additional information and tweetable tips on each item of a routine social media alignment.

Social Media Alignment INFOGRAPHIC

How many social media sites are you operating?

Do you have any inactive social media sites?

Review all of your social platforms, active and inactive. If you’ve taken on more platforms than you can effectively mange, it might be time to redirect those inactive Fans and Followers to some of the social media sites that you are using well. Or, commit your team to a reenergized focus on inactive sites. Trends change. Stay in touch with your target audience. Tweet this

Review all of the “about” sections, too – links, phone numbers, contact details, etc. – verify that the most accurate information is readily available to Fans and Followers. Don’t miss an easy opportunity for potential customers to find you!

Social Media Posts – The Good, Better, Best

Review your social media posts. What’s worked well for each platform? You may have several types of valuable content. Are there any patterns in what Fans and Followers responded to consistently versus only occasionally? Do you know the difference between good content and better content for your audience? Fine-tune your social media objectives from these patterns to create a consistent content strategy that serves your audience faithfully. Focus on quality content! Tweet this

Create a Social Media Content System

Once you’ve developed a clear content strategy, one that’s true to your company vision and appropriate to each social media platform, it’s time to “systematize” this. Create a content calendar, outlined by social network, that makes it easy to regularly and reliably serve your audience with high-quality social media content. Look for opportunities to enhance the best content, and optimize how you deliver it for your audience. An engaged audience yields more referrals, more conversions, and potentially greater sales! Tweet this

Assess Your Social Media Team

Based on their understanding of your target audience and the best types of content, as well as an intimate understanding of the social media platforms themselves, do you have the right team in place? Does anyone have access to your social media sites who no longer serves on your team? Having the right people in place is as important as having a clear content strategy in order to execute it well.

A part of this team assessment may be a routine updating of all of your passwords. Make sure you choose secure passwords that include a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. “Getting hacked” is not as unusual as it once was, and whether it’s over a hamburger war or international relations, password security should be at the forefront of equipping your social media team.

Taking the time to perform a social media alignment should be a regular part of your company’s strategic planning. The immediacy of social media can lead you off course without it!

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