What Ticks Me Off About Twitter

What Ticks Me Off About Twitter

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If you know me at all, the title of this post should concern you. I love Twitter. It’s undoubtedly my favorite social network. I’ve talked about the reasons I love Twitter before, and all of those reasons still apply regardless of the changes that have come and gone to Twitter over the years. What I don’t love about Twitter, what ticks me off about Twitter is this: “one-night stands” on Twitter.

What’s the Twitter equivalent of a “one-night stand,” you ask?

One of the things that people who love Twitter truly love about it is the ability to freely interact with others, even when you don’t know them personally. The public nature of tweets, including those by influencers in your industry, makes it an incredible source of quality information and conversation. It’s always been that way.

Naturally, there will be some who come to game the system. I get it. It’s the nature of Twitter’s influence. Someone is always looking for a quick advantage. Those who tell you to buy Followers, for instance, are just manipulating numbers for the sake of vanity. There’s no real value in that, but some use this method to increase alleged influence.

But that’s not a one-night stand. A one-night stand on Twitter is the Twitter user who makes a system out of following others, hoping for them to follow back, and then immediately unfollowing them when they do. They appear to be interested, take what they want (your Follow), and drop you like a hot potato.

This ticks me off. I’ve watched it happen to me, to Polka Dot Impressions’ clients, and I’ve heard others talk about this practice affecting them. Not only does it make for a bad habit on Twitter, but it ruins the integrity of the Twitter user who’s doing this.

Stop having one-night stands on Twitter! Tweet this

What’s the secret to success on Twitter?

Long-term success on Twitter comes from using it right. Best practices. Honesty. Two-way conversations. Twitter is most successful when you have a genuine interest in others, helping them, being helped by them, and exchanging relevant and useful information. That really doesn’t sound all that difficult to me. It’s not about numbers, but value, and I find Twitter to be highly valuable when used this way.

So, please, if you’re using Twitter, do not try to engage PDI clients or me in a one-night stand. We don’t tweet that way, and we don’t respect those who do!

Get some help with Twitter best practices so that you can gain value, give value, and get away from those who are just trying to manipulate you!

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