The Importance of Social First Impressions

The Importance of Social First Impressions

Social Media First Impressions

What I’m about to share is so important that you should put it on your task manager. Your business needs you to check every social media profile and keep the information up-to-date. Your social media’s first impression determines whether a person continues to engage with you or back out of becoming a customer.

Buying decisions are made almost as quickly as it takes to load a page. If you have the potential customer for only a moment, what does that person see? If you can’t answer this question it is now time for you to perform the upkeep.

What’s in an impression?

It is especially important for a local business to consider their first impression. When a person searches for your industry, product or service, the information she or he finds needs to be true. Because if it is not true, it is a lie. Too strong? Okay, in the least it is perceived as a business that does not know how to do business. The searcher thinks “sloppy, no attention to service, go to the next result that doesn’t make it hard to get accurate information.” When a potential customer thinks those things about your business because of your social media’s first impression, your competition is likely to get the business.

Here are common mistakes on social media profiles:

  • No phone number listed
    More and more searches are being conducted on smartphones. Your potential customer is on the phone! Make it easy for them to press your number and get the information he is wanting. Make sure all your profiles have your business phone number.
  • Outdated images are on the cover
    How can a picture of a flower be outdated? Imagine this is January and the flower is the poinsettia, implying a holiday season that has passed. Seasonal messaging is good content—a sales campaign, a national celebration, community events. When you post such images on your profile, make sure you have the replacement images and corresponding information ready to go at the same time. Change the images as soon as the seasonal information’s season has ended.
  • No address listed
    Your potential customers are accessing search engines via mobile devices. They’re on the move. They want to come to your business. Tell them how to get there by giving your address on all your profiles and a map, if possible. They are moving…to your competition if you don’t make it easy for them to get to you.
  • No website listed
    Social media marketing for your business gets customers to your business or to your website. If you followed the steps above, you’ve done all you can within the space provided on social media profiles to get them to your business. But, are they coming to your website? Another mistake that is very common is that social profiles do not include the business’ website homepage URL. Or, you can post a different link to a page that is specific to a campaign you might be running. Just make sure you replace it with the main URL when the campaign ends.
  • Not taking advantage of directories
    The final upkeep to routinely perform is to make sure all the free directories of social media have the same up-to-date information. Check your Yelp, CitySearch and other free directories. They can be excellent back links to support your search ranking.

This upkeep is very easy. Being diligent and on top of this oversight is usually problematic for the business owner. If you have not engaged a social media marketer, be certain you put these recurring tasks on your calendar at a minimum. Your business will thank you.

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