The Machine of Social Marketing Strategy

The Machine of Social Marketing Strategy

Social Marketing Strategy to Use for Each Social Platform

Social media marketing is like building a machine. You need an appliance that delivers repeatable results. Experiment with what pieces work and use those often. When every cog is in place, it runs consistently. Keep it oiled with quality content, and it lasts. When one piece becomes worn down, replace it with a fresh technique and pay attention to whether it functions properly. It’s a fast-paced, ever-functioning mechanism. However, once you’ve built the machine, the only effort required is a regular check-up for the purpose of fine-tuning the system.

Is marketing the same for every platform?

But the trouble is, the machine you’ve created works on only one platform. Facebook takes one type of machine, and Twitter takes another. Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, and others have their own gadgets made up of different cogs and wheels and systems. Thus, the main principle of social marketing strategy for multiple social platforms is that each site is unique. Do not treat each one like the other.

Commit to a separate posting schedule for each site.

Every network demands an appropriate number of posts per day or week to remain visible (or meet your specific goals). For Twitter, this is probably going to look like 5-7 tweets or even more per day. For Facebook, this may be only once or twice a day. Instagram and Google+ have their own culture of activity as well, so find your optimal number of posts and pledge to find rich content to fill them.

Find your optimal number of posts and pledge to find rich content to fill them.Tweet this

Refrain from automating posts across social networks.

Are your posts that contain hashtags appearing on LinkedIn? Why is the @ symbol on your Tumblr post? Your low quality social offerings make it clear you’re a novice, and unfortunately, that’s all it takes for some people to conclude your product may not be the best quality either. Keep each site’s posts where they belong.

Find the element that makes each social site achieve its maximum result.

Is it publishing visual posts on Facebook? Is it doing your hashtag homework with the search feature before posting your Instagram photo? Is it taking advantage of Lists on Twitter? Each site has one or more unique qualities that it alone provides, and if you want to play the system to your advantage, you have to learn the system’s intricacies first.

It’s imperative to focus on and refine one social network at a time when marketing your business on social media. Construct each network’s machine in an attentive manner, and each will accomplish more than you ever could alone.

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