Social Media Saturation – Good or Bad?

Social Media Saturation – Good or Bad?


There is nothing new under the sun. Or, is there?

That’s the quest of social media platforms and apps. Everyone is in search of the “next Facebook,” the newest networking and marketing media by which the world will be changed. Are we connecting with others, are we marketing products and services, are we providing helpful information and value, what’s in it for them, what’s in it for us? Questions like these drive marketing and whiteboarding workshops across the globe. But, why?

There are many, many reasons for exploration and discovery, just as there are many reasons for marketing and advertising. This article isn’t about those, but it is about the impact that this pattern of discovery has on digital marketing.

In that arena, discovery is a good thing. It leads to better ways of communication and problem solving. As new social networks arise or new apps are developed, we increase the likelihood that we will be able to serve our customers well. But along the way, something else can happen.


Case in point. This week, I received an invitation to join a new social network that had announced its pending launch over a year ago. The site launched this week, and the public was invited to join this new network. This. as it’s called, exists for a single purpose – to reduce clutter and saturation by allowing each user to share ONE link each day – no more than that. Just one. As any digital marketer will immediately recognize, this is quite a challenge.

This, pun intended, forces each marketer, content provider, organization, etc. to distill down their digital message into the single most important message for each day. Whether or not This. will work, is yet to be seen. So far, there’s no widespread adoption of the network to offer much commentary on, but this new platform symbolizes a growing issue of social media saturation.

Saturation usually leads to mass-exodus. Tweet this For example, social media as a marketing tool was birthed when new media was available and saturation of radio and television advertising prompted new discoveries. We had to “need” to do things differently. 

I believe a similar thing is happening right now. Marketing is changing again, although that change may not happen today or tomorrow. New apps and new social media networks may continue to arise for some time, but as we continue to watch and engage with these new trends, it’s also important for digital marketers to be watching new technologies and new mediums. From them, there may indeed be new things to be discovered under the sun, and it’s our challenge to be ready for them.

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