Marketing Tip – Becoming Human

Marketing Tip – Becoming Human

Becoming Human Marketing

As a social media marketer, or generally as a social media user, have you noticed a common voice from the companies you follow? Why do so many posts appear as if they’ve been given a Ronald McDonald makeover? “Check out this product!” “You don’t want to miss out on these deals!” “These tips and tricks will make your life fantastic!” Too! Many! Exclamation points! And people these days are smart. They recognize a desperate marketing clutch for business when they see one. These ads are everywhere, and people are sick of them.

Attracting an Audience

Now, in order to be successful in the business of marketing, you have to disguise your ad content with attractive lingo. Your audience wants to be shown a good time, they want to be carefully placed into the palm of your hand, no more of these flimsy masks of false excitement and happiness, they just aren’t good enough anymore. You have to attract your audience with humor or wit, you have to entertain. But most effectively, you have to connectAn exceedingly powerful marketing tool in this endeavor, an Indiana Jones treasure that’s scary-looking enough to keep many professional marketers at bay is content humanizationTweet this

The scary part for many marketers is the line between professionalism and humanization. “Isn’t an emoticon inappropriate?” Well, maybe. But what if you used a little dry, sarcasm now and then? Or maybe if that isn’t you, what if you let a pun slip into a post? What if you let your audience see a person behind your content. You might be surprised how well an audience of well, humans, responds.

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