About PDI

Why Polka Dot Impressions?

Polka Dot Impressions takes its name from a very simple philosophy. A “dot” is just a circle without context, and your marketing will be equally unproductive without a pattern of marketing that is strategic and on-going. However, when these dots (social media components) are put in the context of a consistent social media marketing strategy, a polka-dotted pattern emerges under which your brand or business is developed and grown.

Our Reputation

Polka Dot Impressions has built a strong and loyal client base working with business leaders in a variety of industries. These clients have entrusted their reputations and their businesses to the online management of Polka Dot Impressions. The reliable track record and superior knowledge of social media strategies and systems have repeatedly helped PDI clients achieve their marketing goals.

Our Experience

Polka Dot Impressions was founded in 2011. However, its founders have been involved in marketing strategies for quite some time. From radio to television, print media to social media, PDI staff members have seen many changes in the field of marketing and have kept up with these changes that now happen almost daily. It is nearly impossible for most business owners to stay current on the latest trends, but that’s where PDI comes in. We market your business for you, while you do what you do best.

Our System

Polka Dot Impressions uses proprietary systems for social media content creation, social media posting, engagement, research and analysis. All of our tactics are “white hat” tactics ensuring that your business maintains the highest integrity in your industry. PDI clients increase their prospective customer base through increased connections (Fans and Followers) in social media. With these increasing prospects, clients have larger audiences and exposure for their products and services.

Some of these proprietary systems are available to the public as well. PDI has created a kit for business owners who wish to learn basic systems of social media management on their own. This kit, called “The Wheel,” is just one example of the systems in use at Polka Dot Impressions.

Our Guarantee

There is no long-term contract for services with Polka Dot Impressions, but you should expect a 3-6 month commitment (or social media infusion) before significant results will be seen. However, if prospective customers (Fans and Followers) do not increase during this 3-6 month period, you may cancel your contract with Polka Dot Impressions without the customary 30-day notice. If for any reason you are dissatisfied within the first 15 days, 100% of your first month’s Impression Management services will be refunded to you.

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Polka Dot Impressions is a member in good standing in the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce.

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