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Really Knowing Your Audience

online survey

The other day, I was on a webinar where the presenter said, “I can tell you 3 things that every single one of my target audience has in common.” They went on to describe 3 very specific things that would describe their audience, and much to my surprise, I had been totally “pegged” by their assessment. Is that a bad …

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LinkedIn Profile Changes

3124.LinkedIn Logo

Have you ever wanted to make a few changes to your LinkedIn profile, but without telling everyone about these edits?  That’s the subject of this video tip, inspired by a recent question from a friend of mine. Check out the video, or follow the transcript below, and let us know if you have other questions about your social media profiles! …

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Social Media – 2013 Trends Become 2014 Tips

Social Media 2013 Trends Become 2014 Tips

Sometimes, in order to get clarity around a topic, it helps to narrow it down to a single phrase. As a business or strategic exercise, this is often done to focus in on what’s important, the next steps, or a company’s core values. Social media marketing is no different. Sometimes it helps to narrow down the distinctions between platforms in …

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Facebook Notifications Tool

Facebook Notifications Tool

Are you educating your Fans? You have heard us say this before, but if Facebook is included in your marketing strategy, it is becoming more important all the time to think about your Fan engagement. “How do I increase Engagement?” you ask? That is a constant question on Facebook. It doesn’t really seem to matter who you talk to, there …

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Can Social Media Replace A Business Website?

Social Media Replace Website Pdi

5 Areas of Consideration One of the questions we are often asked is whether or not social media can take the place of a traditional website in today’s marketing arena. After all, social media is free and quality websites aren’t, right? There are several flaws in that argument, and we’ll look at a few points to help you make a …

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Facebook Stars – What’s Up With These?

Facebook Stars 2

Have you wondered about the “new” stars showing up on your Facebook business Page? They’re not exactly new, but you don’t have the option of ignoring them any longer, either. Here’s the scoop. These stars are the result of the Reviews you have gotten on your Business, and they are tied to local businesses or brands. In other words, if …

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What Have You Overlooked In Your Marketing Strategy?

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Most marketers will tell you that on occasion, we can overlook important aspects of our marketing strategy in favor of other areas we’re focused on. We love social media, but we hate budgeting, so we spend all of our time “playing” on Facebook. Or, we love research, but the details of execution bore us, so we run endless focus groups …

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Posting Tips For Social Media Marketing


How often should you post? What should you do with your blogs? Is there a magic number of tweets per day? These are common questions in social media marketing, so we have put together a posting tips checklist by social network to get your marketing aligned with current strategies that work. Note:  Each business is unique and has a distinctive …

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Hashtags: The How and The Why


Hashtags do not have to be intimidating. They should be fun and useful, but many people either abuse hashtags or shy away from using them due to concerns about using them correctly. Hashtags are vital tools in social media, particularly on Twitter and Instagram, so understand the basics, follow a few simple techniques, and you will be hashtagging like a …

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The Problem With Hashtags On Facebook


Facebook has a problem with hashtags and it’s you. You are too private, and as a result, hashtags may never take off on Facebook no matter how badly Facebook wants them to. What would Twitter or Instagram be without the hashtag? Confusing, busy, overwhelming even, right? Not everyone likes them, but hashtags serve a valuable function on those social media …

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