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Two Quick Ways To Post On LinkedIn

Two Tips On LinkedIn E1391179179589

These two tools have been around for some while, but most people on LinkedIn don’t know of them. We think they are very helpful when you manage multiple social media profiles for your company or for yourself. Adding the “Share on LinkedIn” plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer With this button on your toolbar, you can share useful …

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Wave Off! Say ‘No’ To Fake Fans

Wave Off

Why You Should NOT Buy Fake Fans and Followers It’s tempting to do whatever you can to get Fans on Facebook, Followers on Twitter and build up those numbers on a business profile. The pressure to build those numbers comes from a wrong understanding that large numbers of Fans and Followers must mean your product is better than your competitors’ …

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The Facebook Gauntlet of Engagement

hurdle of Facebook

It seems that as Facebook continues to fine tune it’s Timeline for the 1.5 billion users, it is making it more difficult for business users to get noticed. The largest social media site has once again changed its EdgeRank algorithm. The changes are making it more difficult for a business to be seen by those who have “Liked” a business’s …

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Social Media Challenges For Institutions Of Higher Education

Social Media And Higher Institutions

While some universities and colleges are slowly getting on the social media groundswell, most fail to realize the tremendous advantages of building an online community outside the classroom. One would think they would be in the forefront, evidenced by the rapidly increasing number of institutions implementing or enlarging their distance-learning programs. Yet, most executive leaders in these institutions hold little …

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TV Access via Twitter

TV Access Via Twitter

The folk at Twitter are doing a great job of anticipating our mobile media practices. Here are some exciting things now available: “See It” You know those times when you wonder if Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are giving each other a hard time on NBC’s “The Voice”? You find yourself not watching the show because you’re nowhere near a …

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It’s Not Your Kid’s Social Media Anymore!

Not Your Kids Social Media

This isn’t your kid’s social media anymore. Social media continues to undergo significant evolution that should be expected from a somewhat nascent medium. Perhaps the most significant of changes is the expanding effort to monetize platforms by both the social media site and commercial interests. Social media sites have realized that businesses used the “free” environment of social media to …

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How To Hire a Social Media Marketer

Shaking Hands Small

As a business owner needing help to engage social media (SM) marketing to increase the success of your business, you will be faced with three choices. You will either (a) choose to commit staff support to monitor your profiles around the clock, (b) hire a company to generate your posts, monitor the activity and engage the customer, or (c) put …

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The Value of LinkedIn Endorsements

3124.LinkedIn Logo

(This is a follow-up article to an earlier blog in which we shared our initial impression of LinkedIn’s “Endorsements.”) When LinkedIn unveiled its new “Endorsements” section, I don’t imagine that it intended for them to mute LinkedIn’s image as a professional social media site. Yet, I have to wonder if that is exactly what is happening. I receive notifications daily …

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Tablet Use in the U.S.

Tablet Use In The US

Marketing efforts for businesses should include social media planning strategies to reach tablet computer users. In the past three years the number of American adults who own a tablet has increased by 30 percentage points. The Pew Internet and American Life Project surveyed 2,252 adults and the results show significant increase in mobile tablet computer usage. Whereas smartphones are the …

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Risk Management in Social Media

Social Media Risk Management

If your business has a presence on social media it is essential to practice risk management. Traditionally when one thinks of risk management in business one thinks of policies and procedures in place to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace, safety during natural disasters, protection from fraud and theft, protection from sexual harassment litigation, credit risks and confidentiality/privacy …

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