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The Content Writing Process

Content Writing Process

Second grade was the period that introduced me to the writing process. It was the grade in which I learned how to organize and present a unified composition. Little did I know how important this would be in marketing and business in the years to come. At the time, the process was tedious as a seven year old, but thanks …

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Blogging – The Marketing Tool Your Business Cannot Do Without

Blogging Marketing Tool

Think of it as a library. It has rows upon rows of topics, alphabetized names, and facts. It’s a mansion of knowledge accessible to anyone who knows how to get in. It’s the most agreeable library you’ve ever  visited. You can shout in this library. You can converse with anybody you want to in this library. You can look up …

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Do You Need A Ghost Writer?

Do You Need A Ghost Writer

The market for ghost writers is flourishing. Many employers will pay a large sum of money for someone to represent them through writing. High profile individuals across the nation recruit a ghost writer to cover for them in day to day fan interaction. After their hectic day, most celebrities simply do not have the energy to continue interaction online. Nevertheless, …

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Top 3 Things I Love About Blogging for Business

Top 3 Things To Love About Blogging

Make no mistake. Blog writing for business growth takes time, energy, and a commitment to push beyond the monotonous. It is not easy. That’s the bad news. The good news is that blog writing for your business is an excellent tool for growth, clarification of what makes you unique, and staying current, fresh, innovative, and relevant. Isn’t that what good …

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You Don’t Have a Blog? You’re Losing Money…Period!

Guest Blogger Icon For Web2

Today, we are proud to welcome our first guest blogger, Rick Ellis, of Tomorrow’s Online Marketing. Rick has a lot to share on the subject of business blogging, and we hope you’ll utilize the tips he shares here. As a representative of a TopOnlineMarketingFirm, I’m often asked, “Rick should my company have a blog?” The answer is, “You can’t afford …

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Blogs for Business

Blogging For Business

On first glance, you might think this post is going to be about how you can market your business with a blog. You can. But it’s not. There are lots of blogs and articles about how to do that, and I may even write some of them from time to time. But no, this blog is about why I blog …

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