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Your LinkedIn Profile – Is It Time For A Review?

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Imagine attending a networking event on behalf of your business with a blank-face mask on and a few Post-it notes and crayons in place of business cards. In your bathrobe. Would you do that? This might seem like an exaggerated question, but in many ways, if your LinkedIn profile is not optimized and up to date, it may appear to …

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3 Types Of LinkedIn Content You Should Be Sharing

LinkedIn Publisher 3 Types Of Content You Should Be Sharing

(This is an introduction to an article originally published on LinkedIn. You can read the full article HERE.) If you haven’t spent much time on LinkedIn lately, things have changed, and so should you. Although it’s still a highly valuable tool for job hunting, LinkedIn is much more than a resume platform. And, for those of you who’ve seen the shift …

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Are You Using LinkedIn Groups?

Using LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are like mini social networks– social networks in which all other users are strangers, yet are ones that care about the exact same business topics about which you care. We live in a time of hyper-information. And by “hyper,” I mean, lots of details, but not really quality stuff. Think about it. We are all walking experts on …

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Two Quick Ways To Post On LinkedIn

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These two tools have been around for some while, but most people on LinkedIn don’t know of them. We think they are very helpful when you manage multiple social media profiles for your company or for yourself. Adding the “Share on LinkedIn” plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer With this button on your toolbar, you can share useful …

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LinkedIn Profile Changes

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Have you ever wanted to make a few changes to your LinkedIn profile, but without telling everyone about these edits?  That’s the subject of this video tip, inspired by a recent question from a friend of mine. Check out the video, or follow the transcript below, and let us know if you have other questions about your social media profiles! …

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Social Media – 2013 Trends Become 2014 Tips

Social Media 2013 Trends Become 2014 Tips

Sometimes, in order to get clarity around a topic, it helps to narrow it down to a single phrase. As a business or strategic exercise, this is often done to focus in on what’s important, the next steps, or a company’s core values. Social media marketing is no different. Sometimes it helps to narrow down the distinctions between platforms in …

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The Value of LinkedIn Endorsements

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(This is a follow-up article to an earlier blog in which we shared our initial impression of LinkedIn’s “Endorsements.”) When LinkedIn unveiled its new “Endorsements” section, I don’t imagine that it intended for them to mute LinkedIn’s image as a professional social media site. Yet, I have to wonder if that is exactly what is happening. I receive notifications daily …

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LinkedIn Endorsements

Value Of LinkedIn Endoresements

One of the newest features of LinkedIn is also one of the most interesting updates on that network that we’ve seen in a long time. The feature is the recent addition of Endorsements. At first, they can feel a little disingenuous for this network – a bit like a Facebook “Like” which is quick and easy to give. But digging …

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Top 3 Things I Love About LinkedIn

Top 3 To Love About LinkedIn

Recent reports have indicated that LinkedIn is not the most widely used social media network, but it spite of that, it has consistently been a part of the professional branding experience. Let me explain what I mean. In a recent study, it was found that the average time spent on LinkedIn per month is 21 minutes. That’s not a lot …

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Friday Flick-LinkedIn Answers

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Today’s Friday Flick is about using an element of LinkedIn that many folks don’t know about. LinkedIn is perceived to be “just an online resume,” but it is much more than that. Having a robust profile, including a summary that uses key words, skills, previous job histories and recommendations is just the first step. Once your profile is complete, it’s …

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