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Benefits of Content Curation

Benefits Of Content Curation

At its very core, social media is about conversations on relevant topics. Social media marketing therefore, is about conversations on a particular topic – your products or services and the value you are providing to others. However, no one wants to be sold to in a conversational setting. Enter the social media content strategy question. How? What? When? Etc. Content …

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Can Social Media Replace A Business Website?

Social Media Replace Website Pdi

5 Areas of Consideration One of the questions we are often asked is whether or not social media can take the place of a traditional website in today’s marketing arena. After all, social media is free and quality websites aren’t, right? There are several flaws in that argument, and we’ll look at a few points to help you make a …

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What Have You Overlooked In Your Marketing Strategy?

IStock 000003840236Small

Most marketers will tell you that on occasion, we can overlook important aspects of our marketing strategy in favor of other areas we’re focused on. We love social media, but we hate budgeting, so we spend all of our time “playing” on Facebook. Or, we love research, but the details of execution bore us, so we run endless focus groups …

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Graphics in Social Media

Graphics In Social Media

“Graphic design… is not good design if it does not communicate.” – Paul Rand Paul Rand was a colossal 20th century graphic designer in the corporate sphere. The artist created the logos for IBM, UPS, and ABC, to select a few. He is a flawless storyteller, most notably in his use of design’s basic principles—contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. In …

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Twitter Best Practices

Twitter Best Practices

It’s finally a reality! You’ve launched your business. You’re gathering interest among friends and acquaintances. Inquisitive people are seeking out your products and want to know your story. Things are progressing beautifully! Then it happens. The questions dwindle. The numbers lag. The interaction becomes infrequent. At this crisis, you reach an important realization. Your dream needs room to breathe. It requires wide open air …

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The Truth About Hashtags

Hashtags Magnet

Hashtags have been all the rage these days now that Facebook has incorporated their use into their platform. Hashtags have been around on other platforms for a while, but what’s new is that you can use them on Facebook and expect to get searchable results now, too. Therein lies the key to hashtags – on every social media network. They …

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4 Reasons To Use Instagram and 4 Instagram Strategies

If you have been following Polka Dot Impressions for any length of time, then you will recognize one of our fundamental social media best practices: You don’t have to be on every social network. It’s better to operate a few social networks well, than a lot of them poorly.[1] To that end, it is only very recently that we have …

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Purpose and Goals in Social Media Marketing

Purpose And Goals

No one would argue that marketing a business is optional these days, but many would debate the methods. The methods and the success stories vary from industry to industry, but is social media one of the successful methods of marketing? A recent survey by Manta, outlined in USA Today, came to the conclusion that “social media is a bust for …

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Seniors and Social Media

Seniors And Social Media

There are many new folks participating in social media platforms and they’re not kids who are getting their first computers. Senior members of our communities are increasingly online. In fact, 2012 was the first year that at least half of Americans over the age of 65 used the Internet. Our senior neighbors and family are slow to come online because …

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Social Media Basics – Two Strategies (Part 2)

Social Media Basics 2

In our previous blog, we began exploring two basic strategies for social media marketing – the Search Strategy and the Content Strategy. To review, the Search Strategy is the process of getting your business “found” through SEO, backlinks, and website development. The Content Strategy is about creating or sharing relevant blogs, articles, or videos to create credibility, thought leadership, or …

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