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Social Media Basics – Two Strategies (Part 1)

Social Media Basics

When it comes to marketing your business with social media, there are essentially two basic strategies. They are intricately connected, but the methods used in the different strategies are different. To explore this concept, we’ll make a few assumptions: 1. All businesses want to make money. 2. All marketing, even social media marketing, should contribute to lead generation. 3. All …

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Social Media Audience or Community?

social media audience or community

Every social media brand launches their social networks to an audience. It’s important to have a good understanding of your target customer when you begin the marketing campaign or launch the social network so that your audience is well-defined and your content is relevant to that audience. But social media success comes when that audience becomes a community. Let’s look …

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The 411 on Foursquare

411 On Foursquare

For those of you who regularly read this blog, you’ll know this is a diversion from our usual articles. Most often, we focus on the “big” networks in social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. However, there are many other social networks that businesses can use for marketing and branding – Tumblr, Vine, Instagram and Foursquare just to …

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7 Tips for Improving Your Social Media

Improve Social Media

No one is perfect. That’s true in every area of life, even social media marketing. The rapid-fire changes to social networks, and how we use them, make it very difficult to be a perfect user of all of the tools or to even know what all of them are. However, everyone has to begin using social media somewhere. We’ve watched …

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97 Things To Talk About In Social Media

97 Things Cover

Social media marketing is not just about having a business page on Google+ or Facebook. Once the page is set up, you have to say something. We have addressed this before in other articles, for instance in “The Art and Science of Social Media Marketing.” Saying something means posting. That might be a blog, a Tweet, a graphic, or a …

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Facebook Networking

social media marketing houston texas

One of the lesser-used features of Facebook is the ability to do some business-to-business (B2B) networking with it. Most business owners feel fairly satisfied if they have their business Page up and running smoothly, but stopping there is limiting the power of Facebook. Just like you would find it helpful to attend networking events as a business leader in real …

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Rules for Twitter Following

Twitter Following

Recently, a new Twitter user sent us a Facebook message to ask about “rules” for Twitter. (Don’t you just love modern communication across social platforms?) Specifically, his question was, “I am curious about Twitter etiquette. It seems like the nice thing to do in general is to follow those who follow you…Are there some unwritten rules?” This is a common …

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What Does Facebook Graph Search Mean to Your Facebook Business Page?

graph search optimization checklist

Social media marketing is an ever-changing field. In part, that’s because social networks are constantly updating features, and so business owners and marketers must stay in a constant learning mode. Facebook’s Graph Search is an excellent case in point. The service hasn’t even been rolled out to all Facebook users yet, and there is much wide-spread speculation about how powerful …

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3 Effective Uses for Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts on Facebook have been around long enough now that most marketers and social media consultants have experimented with them in a variety of ways. As a business owner, whether you’re trying to do your own social media marketing, you have a team of marketing staffers, or you have outsourced your social media, there are a few things you’ll …

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Social Media – Trends and Tips to Try

Umbrella Graphic Final2

This week I had the opportunity to share with a group of professional business women on the subject of new trends in social media. Honestly, the last few weeks have seen quite a few changes, and so it was quite a jam-packed presentation – most of this and then some in 20 minutes! By way of a recap and review, …

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