Free Social Media Resources

Are you looking for some free resources to more effectively manage your social media marketing? Well, you’re in luck! We’ll add additional resources from time to time, so check back often, and take advantage of the tools below as you seek to use social media for increasing and growing your own business!


97 Things to Talk About in Social Media

Do you ever struggle with what to post through your social media networks? Download this free eBook filled with starting points to get your content strategy off the ground. We give you 97 ideas covering Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube/Vimeo. Download HERE



Competitor Analysis Template

Want to know how your brand stacks up against your competition through social media? We recommend doing a competitor analysis on a regular basis. This will help to identify trends, areas you may want to address in your business, and inspire creative ideas! Identify the other businesses that you wish to track, and complete the information for each blank on this template. Then, watch for patterns and trends over time, making relevant decisions for your own social media marketing. Download HERE



LinkedIn Quickstart White Paper

LinkedIn is a powerful tool if you are using it correctly. The problem is that many folks don’t understand how to use LinkedIn. This robust white paper is full of details on getting a “quick start” for better LinkedIn results! This eBook, nearly 20 pages long, has everything you’ll need to jump into all aspects of LinkedIn for your personal and professional use. Download HERE


Monthly Social Media Analytics Report

Tracking and measuring your social media efforts is critical to growing your online presence. If you don’t know what’s working for your Fans and Followers, how will you know to keep providing that for them? This template includes variables to track and puts them into a simple format, quick to read and quick to show what’s working. We recommend that you complete this report every month across all of your social media networks in order to better see the return on your investment! Download HERE