Social Media Services

Social Media Services

We create, develop, manage and build a social media presence for you or your business. Through a targeted system of interacting online and regular consultations with you, we connect the dots to your desired image through social media strategies. We monitor your online reputation daily, and we work to keep your name in good standing. We provide you with regular feedback, analytical data to confirm your growing online presence, and brand consistency to keep you recognizable by your customers and valuable to them.

Our Services Include:

Social Media Consulting

Short term or ongoing consulting for the business leader who desires help with strategy, current trends, alignment with social network Terms of Service, etc., but intends to handle all implementation on his or her own. (Contracted on an hourly basis.)

Social Media Marketing and Management

Social media marketing, content creation, engagement, and ongoing management implemented across individual social media networks. This service is ideally suited to the business owner who wishes to outsource a portion of her or his social media marketing, restrict the number of social networks on which she or he engages, or is working within a specific budget. (Contracted by specific social networks desired.)

Tier 1 Social Media Management

UpRightSystem-stampSocial media strategy, campaign development, branding, content creation, engagement and ongoing management across multiple social media networks using The UpRight System. This service is ideally suited to the business leader who desires a robust presence on multiple platforms with a unified voice, tone, and branding experience. (Contracted on a case-by-case basis.)

From creating your online presence, to reputation management and reputation building, we create the dots that develop and grow your business in the world of social media – media that is moving marketing goals into reality.

If you have questions about how this process could be modified to fit your needs, just contact us. We’d be happy to discuss your goals with you.