Social Media For Faith-Based Organizations

social media for faith-based organizations

Would Jesus have used social media in his mission? He did. To reach thousands with a message he connected with them from the mount. To target his message to teachers responsible for training he followed them to the synagogues. To disciple many he chose twelve to friend.

Leveraging social media for faith-based organizations does not lessen the importance and value of the Holy Scriptures, or gathering in community, shepherding a flock or discipling the faithful.

Not all social media marketers can effectively serve faith-based organizations. The message of the Gospel is more than keywords, jargon, URL links and cut-and-paste scripture verses. Only social media marketers that understand the passion for Christ, the mission to the unsaved and the hope of salvation in Jesus can faithfully assist in the ministry of the spreading of the Kingdom through social media.

Polka Dot Impressions can help you consider these questions:

  1. How can you reach more people between services on Sunday? Is it possible to have daily contact with members of your congregation?

  2. Are you making your disciple classes available to people at their convenience or only Wednesdays at 7 p.m.? How can you provide answers to the busy schedules of families rather than fight with the events vying for their precious time?

  3. Are you praying with the people in your church daily? How is your church a viable part of daily life?

  4. How can you get people to remember the announcements you listed in the church bulletin that got left behind in the seat last Sunday? The biggest problem in churches generally seems to be communication. How can improve on the most common problem in your faith community?

  5. Is it still pastoral care if it is done online? Any pastor will tell you that the amount of pastoral they have done in emails, text messages and social media sites has increased drastically over the past few years. This access results in the congregation feeling very connected with their pastor/church.

  6. How can you avoid all the negative posts, comments and questionable behaviors one can encounter in social media? What are people saying about your church? Your service? How can you leverage social media to make positive outcomes out of each of these concerns?

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